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At this time, Bibliophilia Templum is dedicated to books outside of the mainstream.  We will be looking at various levels and subgenres of horror and sci-fi / fantasy to begin, and adding some dark non-fiction and resources as we go.  So if you are looking for someone’s opinion on the latest Stephen King or James Patterson, you are in the wrong place.  If you are looking for something outside of your comfort zone, let’s talk…

Fun fact: books in the above photo, taken in the Templum Library, include the Hot Blood Series and the Rejected for Content Series.

Author Spotlight on

Brian Keene


Let’s talk about Brian Keene, the man and his books …

… and the day I met him




VOICES: The Interviews


I would like to tell you about the little project  AJ Brown and I are working on.  In the coming months, one character from each story in AJ Brown’s collection VOICES will be interviewed by me!  Hmm… Actually, let me tell you what AJ says about our project:

“No, this is not your typical interview session. What I want to do is make each interview like a story, one that continues until we reach the end. Some of these are going to be short. Some of them might be long. I don’t know. Like you, I will find out just how long each interview is based on the questions Lisa provides me. I don’t know the questions ahead of time and neither do the characters.

Since this is an interview, I will go ahead and say up front there are spoilers in each session. If you have not read Voices, I urge you to do so before continuing. If you haven’t read the collection, you have been made aware of possible spoilers.” 

So, as the man says, Spoiler Alert! 

 *   Spoiler Alert    *    Spoiler Alert   *    Spoiler Alert  *

While this project was originally intended to be a promotional piece, it has taken on a life of its own… or maybe the characters have taken over.  It’s hard to say.   Read Voices, follow the interviews  here and at Type AJ Negative… let me know what you think.