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The Caretaker



Engrossing and Suspenseful!


A couple move into a Hi-Rise residential block, only to find that the reason it is so perfect is because it hides a horrifying secret: a mysterious yet terrifying caretaker and a whole lot of horror that keeps residents in check. But who is in control of the horror and what are the dirty secrets that need to be cleaned up?

Content Review

In The Caretaker, Rob Shepherd takes us on a twisted little ride through a residential hi-rise with an ominous secret.  The buildup in this story is much like the up and down and around of a carnival ride.  The gentle foreshadowing in the beginning gives way to graphic goings on that we don’t understand yet and then the cycle repeats, giving the reader more each time, but still maintaining mystery.  The story climax is a wonderful, gruesome surprise, followed by a twist at the end.  This story does not disappoint.

In addition to skillful foreshadowing throughout the story, Shepherd gives us slow reveal on fully fleshed characters as well.  The characters are presented so well, that I found myself changing how I felt about them as I learned more about them.  This gave it a very real life feel.  The story also carries a deep psychological element alongside the action and graphic horror.  Yes, there are some graphic scenes of torture, but they are not gratuitous by any means.

This is a very disturbing work in the very best way and offers appeal to both the casual and thoughtful reader.

Print Length: 28 pages
Publication date: November 5, 2015

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About the Author:  Rob Shepherd

Author of several books of varying genre from humorous novella Life With Boris Karloff to WW2 drama Sofiah, and from poetry title Stripped Unconsciousness to Horror such as The Caretaker and The Grays Anatomy. Rob has no genre specificity, instead he likes to write stories that appeal to himself and that simply spark inside his mind. The important thing is to enjoy writing, it doesn’t matter what you write so long as you enjoy the art of doing it. Rob shares his home with his Wife Michelle, son Daniel, grumpy and somewhat psycho but adorable cat Jinx and slightly unhinged and late in the queue for IQ; Ethel, the Sharpei cross.

“The saying goes that everybody has one good book in them, in that case I intend to flood the world with genius.

It doesn’t matter if you write 1 paragraph or 100 pages a day or in a week, the important thing is that you ‘write’.

The impossible is always possible, you just have to know how and where to imagine.”

Born in Basildon, Essex in 1978 Rob now resides in Thurrock, Essex.

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