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The Immortal Body

(The Singularity Cycle Book 1)
By William Holloway


A Masterpiece of Modern Lovecraftian Literature


Monsters are born from a faith healing at a church.  The dead walk murderously from a séance at a cemetery.  A forgotten evil resurfaces from a war long ago.  A detective struggles with sanity as he tries to find a rationale behind the unspeakable events that surround and connect it all.  In this modern Lovecraft tale, nothing is as it seems or as it should be.

Content Review

This modern Lovecraftian story begins abruptly with and drags you into unimaginable horrors.  The story continues to build as new characters and elements are brought into play. Much like Lovecraft, Holloway’s style of writing pulls you into the story.  The characters are very well done with 3 dimensional personalities and the character interactions are too realistic for comfort.  There is no escaping the emotional ride.

The plot of the book is as Lovecraftian as it claims, as Lovecraftian as it can be in a modern setting.  It does not, however, mimic Lovecraft.  It is both unique in story line and reminiscent of the ancient evils of Lovecraft’s tales without being a copy of another work.  This is an excellent read for Lovecraft aficionados as well as any reader with a taste for the horrific.

I look forward to the next book in the series.

Necessary Warning:  the horrors depicted truly are gruesome.  Unlike Lovecraft, there is a graphic element to this story and you cannot unsee the mental images it evokes.

Print Length: 300 pages
Publication Date April 30,2014
Horror – Lovecraftian, Cosmic Horror

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About the Author: William Holloway

William Holloway is a horror novelist from the Great State of Texas. His first novella, aptly titled Death in Texas, was written in 1998 and correctly presaged the zombie apocalypse hysteria that swept the zeitgeist of the 2000’s. It has since been lost to time, but rumors of it’s existence abound.

More than a decade later he put pen to paper and began his cosmic horror series, titled The Singularity Cycle. The first novel was titled The Immortal Body and was self published in 2012. Not many people read it, but those that did saw something unseen in cosmic horror…

The Immortal Body, and it’s follow up, titled Song of the Death God, have been acquired by British Horror Maven Graeme Reynold’s Horrific Tales Publishing along with his standalone novel entitled Lucky’s Girl.

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