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The Reverend Burdizzo’s Hymn Book


Compiled and Edited by Matthew Cash & Em Dehaney


A shelf worthy collection


From all over the world, from every race and nationality there are many different religions and beliefs. Hymns tell tales of myriad gods. Angry gods hurling fire and brimstone at the disbelievers, promising eternal damnation in hellish post-life realms. Others sing praises of ancient feet treading on freshly tilled earth, spreading happiness and love.
Reverend Burdizzo has rounded up a congregation of voices to sing to you these new hymns. Come join him in his choir and sing these new songs of praise. They will put the fear of God into you.

Content Review

I’m a fan of horror anthology. I have a very select collection on my bookshelf. I even have a separate shelf just for them. THIS… this is shelf worthy. Not just kindle. Shelf. There are truly some fine stories here.

As the synopsis states, the stories are incredibly varied: horrific original tales, dark retellings of classic themes, thoughtful prose and vivid action narratives illustrating the ugly truths of humanity and belief systems and the things we worship as gods.  And the demons we create.

Kitty Kane spins a tale like an elder telling stories to children of the dark things no one else will speak of.

Mark Lumby weaves a gruesome narrative, rich with fear and greed and ugly symbolism.

C.L. Raven offers up dark obsession.

And there is so much more.

Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, Gods, Ancient Powers, Modern Evils… it’s all here.

Wonderfully, thoughtfully crafted characters and stories await you within the pages.

Join the Reverend and his church of talented authors; take up the Hymn Book; get some religion.

Featuring stories from Em Dehaney, Matthew Cash, Christopher Law, Paul B Morris, Mark Nye, Dale Robertson, C.L. Raven, Michael Noe, G.H. Finn, Andrew Bell, Dani Brown, Betty Breen, Lucy Myatt, J.G. Clay, Pippa Bailey, Edward Breen, Kevin J. Kennedy, Kitty Kane and Mark Lumby.

Print Length: 297 pages
Publication Date: June 14, 2017
Burdizzo Books
Horror Anthology

Available in Kindle and Paperback formats

Get it on Amazon: US link 
Get it on Amazon: UK Link


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