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The Club

By Kyle M. Scott


A Boilermaker of a story!


WARNING – Some scenes may disturb and offend.

“Now start sawing…”

Meet Jason.

With his loyal band of maniacs by his side, he’s living the dream – torturing, raping and slaughtering his way across the sunshine state. Depravity, debasement and death are his mantras.

Meet The Girl.

Abducted by Jason’s freewheeling gang of murderers, she’s found herself trapped in an unending nightmare of atrocity and torment. The charismatic Jason is a psychopath with a sense of purpose – to bring his victims down to his level – and The Girl is his new favourite project.

But his prisoner has plans of her own…

With a statewide manhunt closing in fast on Jason, he and his gang are running out of time. Their killing spree and their lives are in danger of coming to a bloody end.

Sanctuary is their only hope…

And they’re about to find a place…a secret place, known to only a very select, esteemed few. A place that never closes its doors. A place that welcomes all, regardless of their sins.

Soon The Girl, Jason and all his devoted followers will come to learn that once you’ve walked the hallowed, ornate halls of The Club, there’s only one way out.

And it’ll be hell to pay…

Content Review

This is another brilliantly horrific tale from Kyle M Scott!
The Club takes a gruesome story and then drops it into a hellish place, like Quinton Tarantino making a Boilermaker.

But it’s not just any hellish place. It is a hellish place that Kyle has taken us to before. The story stands alone just fine even if you have not read other stories by Kyle M. Scott but it is more fun if you have.

Take the warning seriously.  This is a well written horror story with excellent pace and great characterization, but it is extreme horror.  The content is graphic.  If you are not a fan of extreme horror, you may find some of this story offensive or repulsive.

If you’re a fan of Kyle, don’t miss this one.
If you’re not, what are you afraid of?

Print Length: 222 pages
Publication Date: January 31, 2017
Horror / Extreme Horror

Get it on Amazon US Link: The Club

Get it on Amazon UK Link: The Club


About the Author: Kyle M. Scott

Kyle M. Scott is a horror author hailing from the dark and desolate wastelands of Glasgow, Scotland. He spent his formative years immersed in the world of horror, devouring the genre in all its forms. A rabid fan of the underground authors whose work paved the way for a more visceral, hard-hitting style of horror, Kyle’s love of extreme gore and boundary-pushing fiction could only lead him down one path.

Kyle currently has seven works available. Volume 1 and 2 of the ‘Consumed’ series – a collection of dark fiction that melds extreme horror with the blackest wit – and the full-length love letter to 80’s splatter and monster movies, ‘Devil’s Day’. His second novel, ‘Aftertaste’, pushed the boundaries of depravity to raw and shocking levels, combining social satire, suspense and a heavy dose of graphic horror. His latest full-length novel, Where The Dead Ones Play, takes the supernatural tale in brave new directions and his new series of Novellas, Razorblade Candies, continues to push boundaries in his exploration of horror in all its guises.

In his relatively short career, his works have made him a favourite among readers with a taste for fearless, provocative fiction that evokes the classic works of those who shaped modern horror.

Among his many influences, he cites Richard Laymon, Edward Lee and Jack Ketchum as the writers who sealed his fate.

At present, he is working on the extreme horror novel, Hell’s Auxiliary.

Kyle currently resides in Glasgow with his long suffering partner, an arrogant cat, and an imagination that keeps him up all night contemplating therapy.

Kyle M. Scott on Amazon



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