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By Ian Woodhead


Action packed terror!


Aqua Babylon is an artificial island retreat for the idle rich.  Unimaginable events have lead to a prisoner escape and now the fugitives are heading for Aqua Babylon.  But that is not the only danger heading their way.

Deep beneath the ocean, a catastrophic shift in the Earth’s crust has opened a fissure releasing a prehistoric monster not seen for millions of years from its prison as well.  And an inky menace  with it.

Liopleurodon, the Jurassic’s most feared ocean predators are back and they’re hungry!

Content Review

All hail the creature feature!  Nothing gets you going like a good creature story.  Here, Ian Woodhead combines a monsters of the deep theme with a dinosaur theme and puts it all in an almost scifi setting.  And he pulls it off wonderfully!

Ian gives us well fleshed out characters to love and hate, a setting that is interesting in and of itself, monsters to make you cringe, and plenty of action!  But there is more to this than any synopsis can suggest.

Without giving too much away, I have to say that my favorite thing in this story is the surprise terror of the deep that comes with the Liopleurodon.  Like a sick and twisted comic relief, there is a smaller menace come with the ancient beasts.  To me, it is more terrifying and frustrating than either dinosaur or human.

Why would I mention humans as terrifying?  Because this is a work by Ian Woodhead and he always delivers the most horrifying aspects of humanity.  This story is no exception.

Well done Ian!

Get it now on Amazon: Liopleurodon

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About the Author Ian Woodhead

Born in the 60′s, he managed to survive the decades that followed with minimum trauma. He lives in the north of England, the County of West Yorkshire, and is married with four children, four stepchildren and numerous pets.

He has been a writer for over two decades but has only recently decided to make a name for himself, with several novels and multiple short stories available. Ian writes mainly in the horror genre, but sometimes likes to add a helping of Science fiction and romance.

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