Horror Fiction Reviews

The Sleep

By Jim Goforth


An Emotionally Exhausting Tale of Horror


Obscure urban legends and monstrous myths abound all over the internet, and none are more obscure or bizarre than the one purported to haunt the strange, remote and oddly named town of Growling and its surrounds.
Here, the communities are plagued by freakish weather phenomena, aberrant lightning and something even worse that arrives in the midst of these irregular storms. Here, all denizens adhere stringently with the unwritten rules of what they all know as The Sleep. Here, the way of life for folk is dictated to by the BeastStorms.
When a group of friends, including an amateur horror film maker, an urban legend and supernatural enthusiast, a sceptic and a journalist, among others, stumble across the vague tale online, each have their own reasons for wanting to discover the veracity of the peculiar legend.
Now, they are on a road trip that’s taken them thousands of miles from their comfortable city existences and right into the domain of The Sleep. Where mistrusting, superstitious locals patrol the neighbourhoods in packs with ominous warnings for intruders and unwelcome passers-through. Where dissenters are run out of town to live as outcasts on the fringes of civilization. Where repercussions are severe for those who don’t take heed of warnings to abide by the rules of the land.
Where unholy storms unlike anything ever experienced before, dredge up something more than insane weather. Something monstrous.
Every so often, among all those many legends easily explainable, or proved to be nothing more than pure hoax, there’s one with more than a kernel of truth to it.

One like the BeastStorms.

Content Review

The Sleep is an emotionally exhausting read, with numerous plot twists, graphic tension, and horrific action.  Think very classic Stephen King meets George R.R. Martin.

Jim Goforth sets us up with an exciting adventure and very multidimensional characters.  The character interaction evokes an emotional response and the reader develops strong opinions about each of them.  And then, all hell breaks loose.

The story plunges the reader into the chaos the characters are living, giving just enough to keep the tension going by using perspective narration.  It is very well executed as it goes from flowing horrific prose to f bombs and graphic action all in the same chapter.  The tension roller coasters up and down with the action and you wonder if the hell will go on forever as the plot twists jerk you back and forth.  But all is made clear over the course of the story.  Crystal clear.  Old legend meets modern day people with a loud thunder crash.

A must read!

Print Length: 393 pages
Publication Date: January 7, 2017

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About the Author: Jim Goforth

Jim Goforth is a horror author currently based in Holbrook, Australia. Happily married with two kids and a cat, he has been writing tales of horror since the early nineties.
After years of detouring into working with the worldwide extreme metal community and writing reviews for hundreds of bands across the globe with Black Belle Music he returned to his biggest writing love with first book Plebs published by J. Ellington Ashton Press. Along with Plebs, he is the author of a collection of short stories/novellas With Tooth and Claw, extreme metal undead opus Undead Fleshcrave: The Zombie Trigger, Riders: Plebs 2-Book One and Two, co-author of collaborative novel Feral Hearts and editor for the Rejected For Content anthology series (taking over the reins after volume one Splattergore. He also has stories in both Splattergore and Volume 2: Aberrant Menagerie).
He has also appeared in Tales From the Lake Vol. 2, Axes of Evil, Terror Train, Autumn Burning: Dreadtime Stories For the Wicked Soul, Floppy Shoes Apocalypse, Teeming Terrors, Ghosts: An Anthology of Horror From the Beyond, Suburban Secrets: A Neighborhood of Nightmares, Doorway To Death: An Anthology From the Other Side, Easter Eggs and Bunny Boilers, MvF: Death Personified, Drowning in Gore, Trashed, Full Moon Slaughter, Moon Books Horror Anthology 2016, Dual Depravity (with John Ledger), VS: US vs UK Horror, Bah! Humbug: An Anthology of Christmas Horror Stories and edited volumes 2, 3 and 4 of RFC (Aberrant Menagerie, Vicious Vengeance and Highway to Hell). Coming next from Jim will be a brand new novel, The Sleep, another collab novel Lycanthroship, a host of undisclosed projects, as well as appearances in Vampz vs Wolvz, Matt Shaw’s The Devil’s Guests and numerous other anthologies.
He is currently working on several new novels.



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