Horror Fiction Reviews / Mark Lumby

Bag of Buttons

By Mark Lumby


Seriously Disturbing


They belonged to Ella. Nobody else could see them. Her bag of secrets; her buttons.
All she wanted was a friend. Someone she could trust, talk to and play with. She found Peter. And eventually he would ask about her buttons too. They all wanted to see them, her little secrets.
They will all disappear in the end.

Content Review

Bag of Buttons is the story of Ella and the secrets Ella has.  We learn from the outset that Ella is different from other children.  From there, Mark Lumby weaves a dark and complex tale with disturbing imagery and delicate foreshadowing.  The story builds almost poetically and becomes darker and more disturbing with each turn of the page.  I found myself wishing at one point that the imagery and foreshadowing were a little less skillfully done.  There is a definite element of psychological horror here.

While Bag of Buttons is not horribly graphic in description, the content is disturbingly graphic in nature. Some readers might find it a bit daring.  Other readers might find it too disturbing.  So, insert content warning here.  This has the disturbing qualities of classic John Saul novels.

I myself will not be going to the park for a long time.

Print Length: 62 pages
Publication Date: June 1, 2017

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 About the Author: Mark Lumby

Mark Lumby has been writing stories since the early nineties, and since has written several novels/novelettes/short stories of different genres, although prefers to write horror. He was inspired by the likes of Stephen King, Graham Masterton and Richard Matheson. He was born and raised in York (England) and now resides in Tadcaster (England) with his wife and 5 children and many animals.



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