Horror Fiction Reviews / William Holloway

Song of the Death God

(The Singularity Cycle Book 2)
By William Holloway


Another great masterpiece of Lovecraftian Horror
by William Holloway


Young Carsten Ernst thought that he understood the Universe. That it was an orderly machine, devoid of purpose and meaning. But that all changes when he witnesses an impossible manifestation at a Seance.

Wilhelm Ernst always sought to avoid responsibility, to drink it all away. But he will find himself alone against a Rising Madness that seeks to escape the bonds of time and space.

The World has Changed.
The Rules have Changed.
Beyond Reason.
Beyond Sanity.
Beyond Comprehension.

Something is Here..

Content Review

William Holloway has taken a staple of the horror genre and made it unique and vibrant and disturbing. In this second book in The Singularity Cycle, Holloway has taken both his mythos and the Lovecraftian subgenre to a new level.

Song of the Death God is actually prequel to The Immortal Body.  It reveals the history and origins of the story we read in The Immortal Body and Holloway ties the two books together flawlessly with a skill and style that will appeal to Lovecraft and general horror fans alike.  The story is rich with intense, realistically flawed characters; speculative parapsychology; and horrific artifacts.  It flows at a haunting, emotionally exhausting pace, drawing you in with unexpected characterization, events, and imagery.  I still find myself enthralled by the fictional (fictional? …yes, fictional) ancient tomes contained therein.

This is a brilliant masterwork by a brilliant author.

Necessary Warning:  the horrors depicted truly are gruesome.  Although this is written in the Lovecraftian style, unlike Lovecraft, there is a graphic element to this story and you cannot unsee the mental images or lightly shake off the emotional responses it evokes.

Print Length: 378 Pages
Published: July 11, 2017
Horror, Lovecraftian Horror

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About the Author: William Holloway

William Holloway is a horror novelist from the Great State of Texas. His first novella, aptly titled Death in Texas, was written in 1998 and correctly presaged the zombie apocalypse hysteria that swept the zeitgeist of the 2000’s. It has since been lost to time, but rumors of it’s existence abound.

More than a decade later he put pen to paper and began his cosmic horror series, titled The Singularity Cycle. The first novel was titled The Immortal Body and was self published in 2012. Not many people read it, but those that did saw something unseen in cosmic horror…

The Immortal Body, and it’s follow up, titled Song of the Death God, have been acquired by British Horror Maven Graeme Reynold’s Horrific Tales Publishing along with his standalone novel entitled Lucky’s Girl.

William Holloway Amazon Page


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