Horror Fiction Reviews / Mark Lumby

Rats in the Loft

By Mark Lumby


A Dark Horror Tale


Something lived in the loft, scratching and knocking on the ceiling. When Peter investigated, what he discovered would eventually unlock a memory to his past, the trauma of losing a childhood friend, and the ugly truth that lay hidden for years.

Content Review

Rats in the Loft is a dark horror tale with a light but ominous beginning.  The suspense builds in waves as the story does a slow reveal of horrific events.  But don’t be fooled, because things aren’t as they seem.  Just when you think you have all of the ugly truth, the story takes a darker turn and the horror slowly builds anew to a surprise ending.

This is a wonderfully horrific ghost story with surprisingly vivid characters for a short story.  The characters create an entertaining flow as the story unfolds, inspiring a wild ride of emotions for the reader as fun character interactions give way to darker story lines.  I literally said bad words out loud when I finished this one.  There is not much better to recommend it than that!

There are some elements of the content that some viewers may find very disturbing.  Although these elements are presented with care, that only makes it more disturbing.  Once again, Lumby presents a work reminiscent of classic John Saul, complete with shocking ending.

Read it.

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About the Author: Mark Lumby

Mark Lumby has been writing stories since the early nineties, and since has written several novels/novelettes/short stories of different genres, although prefers to write horror. He was inspired by the likes of Stephen King, Graham Masterton and Richard Matheson. He was born and raised in York (England) and now resides in Tadcaster (England) with his wife and 5 children and many animals.


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