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An Interview With Author James Richardson

An interview with James Richardson,
author of Twilight City: The Awakening

I had the pleasure of talking with James Richardson about his new book, TWILIGHT CITY: THE AWAKENING.  This is the second book in his Sons of Cain Series.




“Sixteen years have passed since that fateful battle on that lone bloody bridge. Forced to endure experiments, faced with children born from the advancement in science that seems so foreign to Edward. Now the calling has been sent out. Whether it is for good or ill. Edward, the last wolf prime must face it. Will it be alone or with those that travel at his side?”



In his biography James says about himself, “I enjoy writing fantasy because it gives me the chance to create worlds that makes you think ‘What If’.”

This is what James had to say about his new book:

BT: So James, what do you want to tell us about this book that is not in the synopsis?

J:  Well, let’s see, Cain’s children start showing up more than they do in the first book. More so in the later books then this one, but that would be giving out spoilers and, well, that just won’t do. Oh, and the war that is brewing in the shadows starts to heat up in the third book. However, that really starts to go into detail after Edward’s encounter with the other Prime’s.

BT:  A bit teasing and mysterious there. Okay.  Well, what is your favorite thing about writing this one that you would like to share?

J: That my take on werewolves and vampires aren’t the Twilight and Ann Rice vampires. To me these creatures are meant to instill fear, not to be romanced as they have come to be in the recent years. While yes there is sex and what not within the pages of my books, the underlining of what they are is there.

BT:  I can certainly appreciate classic versions of the classic monsters put into modern stories.  There are not enough such works out there.  So, without giving anything away, where do you see the story going after this book?

J: Well, both vampires and werewolves are fighting Cain’s other children. Since I have touched on the werewolf side of the war, I thought it be nice to get the vampire side of it. Namely, in the form of a twenty-year-old college student that stumbled onto that secret world. His journey to find why his father was killed, Twilight City, and other things that I haven’t figured out yet to add to the third or fourth book. As I see it, or at least how I see the story taking me, there will be another four books after this one.

BT: More books in the series is great news for all the fans following this series!  So, is that what you are working on now?  Do you have any other projects in the works?

J:  Yes, I do. Currently working on the third Twilight City book, my second book in my action/adventure series The Terra Drago Chronicles, and the second book in my dark fantasy series The Balance. Then once those are done tons of other stories rattling around inside my head waiting to jump onto the pages so to speak.

BT:  It looks like we need to keep an eye on your Amazon page for new releases.  Thank you for your time James.  I look forward to following your work.

J:  Thank you.

You can follow James Richardson’s Amazon page here

Buy Twilight City: The Awakening on Amazon here

Reviews on James’ work forthcoming.



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