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The Killings

By Wrath James White
& J.F. Gonzalez


Deep and Horrific


In 1911, Atlanta’s African American community was terrorized by a serial killer that preyed on young bi-racial women, cutting their throats and mutilating their corpses. The killer was never found. In the 1980s, more than twenty African American boys were murdered throughout Atlanta. In 2011, another string of sadistic murders have begun, and this time it’s more brutal than ever.

Carmen Mendoza, an investigative reporter working for Atlanta’s oldest newspaper. has uncovered a link between the three murder cases suggesting an unending series of murders going back more than a century. If she can solve the murders, she may find the key to ending the violent curse gripping Atlanta’s Black community. If not, she might just become the next victim.

From Wrath James White and J.F. Gonzalez comes a novel of hatred, prejudice, extreme violence and bone-chilling terror.

Content Review

I almost didn’t read this book because the description made it sound like more of a thriller than a horror novel.
It’s not.
It is a horror story. It is extreme horror. It is extreme horror with a bit of a thriller aspect.

The Killings has good characterization and is a well written story.  It has an excellent pace and a very well-developed plot. It also has a depth you rarely find in the genre that brutalizes the psyche.
Don’t be put off by the description saying it deals with hate and racism.
This is 360 degrees of hate and racism, and the evil that hate creates.

Read it.
Then look in the mirror.
I Dare You.

Get it on Amazon: The Killings

About the Author: Wrath James White

WRATH JAMES WHITE is a former World Class Heavyweight Kickboxer, a professional Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts trainer, distance runner, performance artist, and former street brawler, who is now known for creating some of the most disturbing works of fiction in print.

Wrath is the author of such extreme horror classics as THE RESURRECTIONIST (now a major motion picture titled “Come Back To Me”) SUCCULENT PREY, and it’s sequel PREY DRIVE, YACCUB’S CURSE, 400 DAYS OF OPPRESSION, SACRIFICE, VORACIOUS, TO THE DEATH, THE REAPER, SKINZZ, EVERYONE DIES FAMOUS IN A SMALL TOWN, THE BOOK OF A THOUSAND SINS, HIS PAIN, POPULATION ZERO and many others. He is the co-author of TERATOLOGIST co-written with the king of extreme horror, Edward Lee, SOMETHING TERRIBLE co-written with his son Sultan Z. White, ORGY OF SOULS co-written with Maurice Broaddus, HERO and THE KILLINGS both co-written with J.F. Gonzalez, POISONING EROS co-written with Monica J. O’Rourke, among others.

Wrath lives and works in Austin, Texas with his three daughters, Isis, Nala, and Zoe, his son and co-author, Sultan Z. White, and his beautiful wife Tammy.

Wrath James White on Amazon


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