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The Time Potter’s Wheel

By Dane Hatchell


Dark.  Very Dark.


A government agent gets the surprise of his life when he finds a dismembered body in his trash can. What’s worse is that he knows the victim, and because of the secret project he’s involved in, realizes he is somehow responsible.

The Time Potter’s Wheel is a short story around 5,000 words in length.

Content Review

I don’t make a point of reviewing every single thing I read here for many reasons. And, quite frankly, it would be tedious to write such reviews for every short story and novella I read over lunch.  I do, however, make a point to leave at least a short Amazon review like a responsible person, especially for things nabbed during a sale or giveaway.

But this…  this short story.  This required a response.

Dane, if I could have, I would have created a review using only emojis, because I’m just not sure how to find the words for this.  Your writing is always dark and fun, but this one is just dark, man.  Dark.  Starts dark.  Ends dark.  Light a candle, dude.

The Time Potter’s Wheel delightfully crosses the genre lines as it encompasses characteristics of science fiction, mystery, and horror.  I found the overall feeling of horror to be prevalent even though the writing style was more suggestive of sci-fi.  Time travel is a sci-fi staple, but Dane Hatchell has added his own brand of oh-my-god-what-did-I-just-read horror to it to create a unique piece that is both outright creepy and thoroughly enjoyable.   That being said, oh my god!  What did  I just read?

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About the Author: Dane Hatchell

Dane Hatchell was born and lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He works in the manufacturing industry by the shores of the Mississippi River.

He is the author of the novels: Prehistoric WWII, Lost World of Patagonia, Lost World II: Savage Patagonia, and RESURRECTION X. Co-author of the novella: SLIPWAY GREY, and the novels: INSURGENT Z, THE DARK TIMES, and Sown in Blood. Multiple short stories by Dane have appeared in various anthologies over the last few years.

Dane Hatchell Amazon Page


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