Adam Nevill / Horror Fiction

Last Days

By Adam Nevill


Intellectually Stimulating and Emotionally Exhausting


Winner of the August Derleth award, Last Days is a chilling and terrifying novel from master of horror, Adam Nevill.

The Temple of the Last Days. The brutal cult with a history of murder, sex and occult dealings destroyed itself during one night of ritualistic violence decades ago. Or so they thought…

Kyle Freeman is an indie film-maker with no money and few options, so when he lands a commission to make a documentary about The Temple of the Last Days he jumps at the chance. Little does he know that his investigation into the cult’s bloody history will lead him into the darkest places he’s ever been.

As they travel from the London and France to Arizona tracing the path of the cult, uncanny events, out-of-body experiences, ghastly artefacts and visits by the merciless ‘old friends’ plague Kyle and his one-man crew. They soon discover the power of the cult’s terrible legacy, and that it may be too late for them to escape…

Content Review

The Guardian calls Adam Nevill Britain’s answer to Stephen King,” and with good cause.  With artistic precision, Adam Nevill builds this story brush stroke by brush stroke with meticulous attention to detail, providing vivid mental imagery and emotional response through to the end.

Drawing on obviously extensive research of historic cults from the past century, Adam weaves an intricate tapestry of an independent documentary film group and the eccentric who commissions them to do a piece on a cult that began in the 1960s in Europe and met a gruesome end in the US in the 1970s.  What they discover is a tale and an evil that not only spans continents, but also centuries.  And it’s not over.

While I am not personally a fan of such use of incredible detail in a book, there is no denying the intensity of the story or the refreshing level of factual data used to create it.  Nevill leaves nothing to question, nor does he flub or fake the information.  He intersperses data with disturbing historical psychology and unimaginable horrors.  It is a daring book and an intense read.  I often found myself as reluctant to turn the page as I was driven to it, because I feared what horror was next.  The horror emerges from within and without and eventually encompasses all.  I found Last Days to be both intellectually stimulating and emotionally exhausting.

One compelling component of the story that I think other readers may miss, is the characters.  Like King and Little, Nevill slowly reveals an evil brought about by the shallowness and greed of human beings.  The main characters are ultimately as self-seeking as those they demonize.  This sociological stab to the psyche adds an extra layer of darkness to an already creepy and disturbing tale.   The ultimate realism of this aspect of human nature filled me with dread.  I wanted a clean, crisp ending that would wash away this dread and knew it would probably not be forthcoming.

I was right, of course.  The ending makes sure the story stays with you into sleep… if you can sleep.

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About the Author: Adam Nevill

Adam L.G. Nevill was born in Birmingham, England, in 1969 and grew up in England and New Zealand. He is the author of the horror novels: ‘Banquet for the Damned’, ‘Apartment 16’, ‘The Ritual’, ‘Last Days’, ‘House of Small Shadows’, ‘No One Gets Out Alive’, ‘Lost Girl’, and ‘Under a Watchful Eye’. His first short story collection, ‘Some Will Not Sleep: Selected Horrors’, is published on Halloween, 2016.

His novels, ‘The Ritual’, ‘Last Days’ and ‘No One Gets Out Alive’ were the winners of The August Derleth Award for Best Horror Novel. ‘The Ritual’ and ‘Last Days’ were also awarded Best in Category: Horror, by R.U.S.A. Six of his novels are currently in development for film and television.

Adam also offers two free books to readers of horror: ‘Cries from the Crypt’, downloadable from his website, and ‘Before You Sleep’ available from major online retailers.

Adam lives in Devon, England.
More information about the author and his books is available at:

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