Horror Fiction

Lucifer’s Children

By Brett Williams


Warning: Extreme Horror Content. Seriously.

Story Synopsis

A family tragedy thrusts Amanda into the foster care of the Henning family at the start of her senior year of high school. Amanda soon learns that the prestigious private school isn’t what it seems. Monarch Preparatory School for Girls is a place plagued by rampant teen pregnancy, promiscuity, and violence.

Amanda is confused when Kat, who rules the school, befriends her. Perhaps more confusing, though, are her momentary lapses in memory, misplaced or moved objects, and instances of depravity taking place within the Henning household.

Unbeknownst to Amanda, Ceremonial Father conducts ritual sacrifice and blood orgies with a group of Satanists.

What is truly happening at Monarch Prep? Can Amanda make it to graduation? Most of all, what role will she play?

From the author of FAMILY BUSINESS comes the next shocking installment of the Breeder Series — LUCIFER’S CHILDREN.

Content Review

Lucifer’s Children begins with this warning: “Themes contained within this text may be offensive to some readers.  No apologies.”  This can be viewed in the preview on Amazon.  This is not part of the story.  It is a warning.  It is a valid warning.  It makes readers like me go all, “ooohhh, aaahhhh, I call that bluff!”  But that is because I read offensive material on purpose.  I find daring content within a well-crafted story to be an entertaining literary achievement, because not all writers can pull it off.  When an author can pull it off I am impressed.  I enjoy it.  It pleases me in a twisted way.  Brett can pull it off.

One final warning, or delightful tease depending on who you are… One reviewer on Amazon gave this book a 1-star rating with this warning: “Explicit, graphic sex scenes, pedophilia, rape, torture, incest, infanticide, and extreme language.”  This is true.  These things are all in there.  However, the rest of the person’s review was the rantings of a person who is not a fan of extreme horror, plain and simple.

Funny thing, it seems the warnings are the bulk of the review.  Lucifer’s Children is all that the title and synopsis suggest in an explicit and well-crafted presentation.  The story line is solid, the flow and structure are excellent, the character development is all it can be in such a story.  Brett Williams is a genius of the extreme horror subgenre.  If you like extreme horror, this is a gem.  If you don’t, then move along because this will offend your delicate sensibilities.

Fun fact: there’s more.  This is one book in a delightful collection called The Breeder Series.  Yes, I have read them all at this point.  I do like them all.  This is my favorite.

Print Length: 348 pages
Published: June 15, 2015 Comet Press

Get it on Amazon: US Link

Get it on Amazon: UK Link

Breeder Series on Amazon: Family Business,  Lucifer’s Whore,  Live Bait


About the Author: Brett Williams

Brett Williams is the author of Family Business, High Octane Damnation, and From Murky Depths. A member of the Horror Writers Association, this multi-genre author writes horror, crime, erotica, and anything else he damn well pleases. His short stories have appeared in Thuglit, Delirium Books’ Horrorwired Vol. 1, and Fifty Shades of Decay, to name a few. He is currently writing the sequel to Family Business.

Brett Williams on Amazon


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