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Intellectualizing your library

Intellectualizing your library


(picture taken in the Templum Library)


I often take a hiatus from horror fiction, a short palatte cleanser or a longer break.  Recently I decided to take a few days to clear my head from a particularly disturbing story.  Oddly, none of my usual alternate reading appealed to me.  I have shelves of sci-fi and fantasy, urban fantasy, thrillers, classics, and a nice nonfiction and reference section.


Of course.  One must intellectualize one’s library. The well rounded reader stays educated with historical things and nonfiction things that are the result of research.  One must know these things to fully appreciate good literature after all.  Don’t you agree?

So, I promptly decided that we must have relevant nonfiction to grace our reading list.  And I have a few perfect starting points.  One is a recent aquisition from a used book store that I had not actually sat down to read before so we will begin there.

Stay tuned for the first offering of nonfiction reviews:  The History of Torture.

To be followed by Eat Thy Neighbor, A History of Cannibalism.


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