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By Mike Duke


A Master Work of Sinister Philosophical Horror.

(Yes, that is my quote on the front cover.)


Officer Mark Adams is fed up with God, his wife and the legal constraints of his job, longing for a life he can enjoy and to see true justice meted out.

Chad Bigleby is a lawyer in a deadly moral quagmire, forced to decide whether he will abide by man’s laws or make his own.

Each man is being driven to the edge of his limits.

Both men are on a collision course.

Because something sinister has arrived in Pleasant Grove, something ancient and obsessed with vengeance, something eager to punish the souls of men for their sins.

How LOW will they go to get what they desire most? What will it cost them in the end?

Hell only knows…

Content Review

Low isn’t just a book, it’s an intellectual and emotional experience; it’s a horrific study of good and evil in man, in the world, in eternity.  It plays upon the mind and belief system to such degree that it will challenge everything you hold to be true.  Low made me question every stupid adult thing I’ve ever done until I literally feared for my soul and felt a desire to take Communion and call a priest to bless my house.  I still want Communion.

The book opens with the arrival of a mysterious and sinister character who sets the stage with foreshadowing of things to come.  Then begins a story that draws you in with vivid characters who evoke laughter, empathy, and disdain… and fear.  The actions, reactions, and interactions of these characters are so uncannily real, I could not help but be moved by them. I have noted over many years that while many authors have wonderful stories to tell, some of them seem to lack the life experience to bring their characters to full life and others choose to leave a lot open to interpretation. When I read characters that are truly real people and not just the character role in the story, I am wonderfully surprised.  I enjoy that level of depth and Mike Duke masterfully brings it.

The characters come together in a story with an ebb and flow of building tension and horror. Concepts, actions, and forces of good and evil swirl around each other, dragging you to the realization that the justification of evil deeds with good intention truly is the bricks of the cobble stone road to damnation.

This story has some horrific imaging and graphic sequences, but not to the point of being extreme horror.  This one did give me a few nightmares, but it was from the story itself and not the graphic sequences.  So, brace yourself and keep your prayer beads handy. You’re going to need them.

**Bibliophilia Templum Notation:  I am very proud and honored to be able to say that I worked with Mike Duke and his publisher on the finishing touches of this one with beta reading and editing input.  It was a privilege to get to be on the fringe of his creative process and watch LOW come to life under his gift.

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About the Author: Mike Duke

“I was a cop for 12 years, but the last 10 years I’ve been teaching Military, Law Enforcement and Bodyguards how to drive fast, do bad ass tactical driving maneuvers as well as hand to hand Combatives. I enjoy martial arts and have been a practitioner since 1989 of various styles. Filipino blade arts are my favorite. Since I was a teenager I’ve loved reading, writing, and watching movies…particularly in the horror genre. I’ve also been a prolific reader of theology and studied quite extensively for a layman. I have a beautiful wife who is very supportive and a son and daughter her are both graduated and out of the house. My baby girl now is my German Shepherd, Ziva. And she’s a Daddy’s girl who loves to play…even when I’m writing. Most recently, Stitched Smile Publications has picked up my novel LOW and I’m part of their family now. Looking forward to publishing lots of work with them!”

Mike Duke’s Amazon Page



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