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10 Gruesome Tales of Fright

By Darryl Miller





10 Gruesome Tales of Fright will give you chills. It is a collection of horrific short stories that will make your skin crawl. Prepare yourself for the terrifying turmoil your mind will endure as you turn each and every page. The stories range from a spider that infests itself into someone’s brain to a child’s simple fear of what is under their bed. So, turn on all the lights, grab yourself a blanket to hide in and read these stories with caution. You may not even know what the true meaning of fear is until you put yourself through not just one, but TEN of the freakiest stories you’ve ever heard.

Content Review

Darryl Miller presents 10 eerie tales told to us in the simple and straight-forward style of old time campfire stories.  These stories are great creepy easy reading and would be delightfully creepy read aloud to others.

Bugging Me Out is the epitome of the creepy campfire story in meter and content. It has a smooth and easy rhythm, nice building tension and is a solid 8 on the gross factor scale.

Baubas is a modern fable with a classic theme that is based on Lithuanian folklore.  Although it is slightly predictable as fables generally are, the straight-forward telling gives is a nice creep factor.  Think Crypt Keeper (host of Tales of the Crypt) reading the story out loud.

Adopertus Solis is a personal favorite.  Miller adds shock factor to this one with matter-of-fact violence and gore in a story that reads like a twisted modern fairy tale ala Brothers Grimm.  As in, the original horrific fairy tales, not Disney version.  I had to step away for a breather after this one.

Face to Face is a classically structured and deeply disturbing short story with delightful setup and gruesome ending.  Nice shock effect.  Makes one want to slap Mr. Miller.

And, there are six more stories after that, stories of dark things ranging from the occult to a child’s nightmare, all presented for sharing.  Grab a flashlight, a blankie, and a buddy to scare… it’s story time.

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About the Author: Darryl Miller

Darryl Miller was born December 21, 1987. His childhood encompassed moving a few times throughout Pennsylvania. His father is a pastor and his mother was primarily a stay at home mom. He has two older sisters.

Currently he is engaged to a wonderful woman, Lyndsey. He has two daughters and a son.

Throughout his life, he has always turned to writing to relieve stress and document emotions. He wants to share his thoughts with the world in hopes that he can help guide others through their hardships as well.

His favorite writings are poems, children’s books, and short stories.

His works often include dark undertones, wit, sarcasm, silliness, and dramatic elements.

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