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As Seen On TV

By Cory Cline


A Five-Star Read!

Story Synopsis

Gus Grissom is newly divorced and ready to get into “killer” shape. The high-tech exercise machine he bought from one of those late night commercials promises to help, but Gus will learn what they mean when they say, “buyer beware”.

Content Review

First, there is a lot more to this story than the synopsis tells us.  A lot.  So, hold on to your hat when you read this one.  Hold onto something.  Just, not an exercise machine.

Second, before the purists and complainers get their knickers in a twist, let me drop a couple of warnings:  1) Explicit content.  It’s in there.  It is part of the story. It’s not gratuitous, it is integral.  2) Graphic content.  It is very much a horror story.  3) A couple of editing errors.  People make mistakes.  Get over it.  Get past it.  It doesn’t affect the story.  This is a five-star read.  Period.

Now, let us proceed.  Chapter one is a brilliant set up for the story with a touch of ominous foreshadowing in the closing paragraphs.  This story starts strong and progresses into a full-on gut-wrencher.  The slow and continuous reveal of the main character and the exercise machine itself creates incredible tension that culminates in a delightfully horrific surprise ending.  Again, it’s a five-star read.

Final warning:  As Seen On TV is not far from being extreme horror.  But if you dare, it’s a five-star read.

Did I mention it’s a five-star read?

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About the Author: Cory Cline

Cory Cline (1977-) Lives in Forrest, IL with his wife and four sons who he loves to remind that they are never more than six feet from a spider when they ask if they can have a pet. He loves writing splatterpunk but his love of vintage pulp noir detectives, sci-fi, and westerns will keep him from boxing himself into one genre. He does not own a gun due to the fact that he prefers to kill intruders with his bare hands.

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