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Birthday Boy

By Cory Cline


What the holy hell did I just read?

Story Synopsis

Chaz is the type of guy who thinks he will do anything to get laid. His limits are about to be put to the test when he wakes up in “Boy’s” barn.

He is the guest of honor at a special party that “Boy” and his family hold dear to the heart.
Some tradition’s never get old…

Content Review

Birthday Boy is an extreme horror story.  Let’s be clear about that.  The warning on the cover is serious and legitimate.  Graphic content, explicit detail, characters with no redeeming qualities.  Okay?  Okay.

The story launces straight into a bizarre and dark scenario with a main character of questionable… well… character.  Things quickly escalate from this quality textbook opening of dark humor and suspense to a series of graphic and gruesome events that end most shockingly.

No spoilers here.  Birthday Boy is artistically written with a fluctuating character nuance and offensive detail.  It is a must read for extreme horror fans.  But maybe not during lunch.

Birthday Boy is a 15 page quick and nasty read originally published in August 2016.  I hope to see this one as part of a collection by the artist sometime soon.  Preferably in a physical book format.  Hint, hint Mr. Cline.

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About the Author: Cory Cline

Cory Cline (1977-) Lives in Forrest, IL with his wife and four sons who he loves to remind that they are never more than six feet from a spider when they ask if they can have a pet. He loves writing splatterpunk but his love of vintage pulp noir detectives, sci-fi, and westerns will keep him from boxing himself into one genre. He does not own a gun due to the fact that he prefers to kill intruders with his bare hands.

Cory’s Amazon Page

Cory Cline Facebook Page


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