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Bad Vibes

By Dane Hatchell


Graphic Content


Lucas Mayor is a world renowned physicist who uses science to battle psychic phenomena. His latest mission is to rid a house of its resident evil. The residing entity is more than his equal. Will Lucas discover the hidden clues necessary to defeat his ethereal foe before it’s too late?

Bad Vibes is a short story around 6.500 words in length.

Content Review

Dane Hatchell delivers another Oh-my-god-what-did-I-just-read? level story in Bad Vibes.

Bad Vibes is extreme horror.  It contains graphic content that sensitive readers may find offensive or upsetting.  In fact, some hard core readers may be taken aback by it.  Just an fyi.  NOTE: Reading extreme horror and leaving a bad review because it was too graphic for your tastes is bad form.  Just putting that out there.

Unlike some other stories by Dane Hatchell which have tongue-in-cheek horror or are otherwise gruesomely fun, Bad Vibes is dark and intelligently written to the point of being disturbiing. Very disturbing. The presentation of science in the paranormal studies is exquisite.  The story is told in the first person, has a dark and steady pace, and ends on a blatantly horrific note.

No spoilers here, but I will say that the synopsis is a bit simpler than the actual story, which is far from simple.

If you are a fan of extreme horror, you want to read this.

Get it on Amazon:  US Link

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About the Author: Dane Hatchell

Dane Hatchell was born and lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He works in the manufacturing industry by the shores of the Mississippi River.

He is the author of the novels: Prehistoric WWII, Lost World of Patagonia, Lost World II: Savage Patagonia, and RESURRECTION X. Co-author of the novella: SLIPWAY GREY, and the novels: INSURGENT Z, THE DARK TIMES, and Sown in Blood. Multiple short stories by Dane have appeared in various anthologies over the last few years.

Dane Hatchell Amazon Page


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