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Pretty Pretty Princess

A Twisted Fairy Tale
By Shane McKenzie


A Delightful and Irreverent Romp!

Story Synopsis

There’s a serious problem in the realm.

Royal families still practice the tradition of locking away their first born daughters in the booby-trapped lairs of monsters—all in the hopes that brave knights will rescue them. Prince Francis and his trusted companion Gavin, a wise-cracking pig, aim to end this barbaric tradition. Now they travel the realm promoting P.E.T.P—Princes for the Ethical Treatment of Princesses.

They set their sights on Pretty, the most beautiful princess and one that no knight has yet been able to rescue. But saving Pretty from a prison made of the strongest goblin stone is only the beginning. The princess is not what she seems!

Join our heroes on a hilarious—and dysfunctional—journey. But remember, this isn’t your child’s fairy tale. Prepare yourself for flamboyant princes, shameless pig sex, and untold armies of rats and flies. Snuggle up and get ready for your bedtime story.

Content Review

I received this book as a gift from my loving husband.  Because I wanted it.  But, holy mother of god!..   I have to say…

Pretty Pretty Princess by Shane McKenzie is a delightful and irreverant romp that is sure to offend! This very adult fashioned fairy tale is hilariously obnoxious, graphic in both language and content, and teeming with vibrant and colorful characters.  The story is so entertaining that one might almost miss the very poignant moral.  Yes, there is a moral to the story as well as other classic fairy tale elements.

But this IS NOT a children’s fairy tale.  It is neither for children nor the easily offended.

 It is very difficult not to give spoilers on this one because I want to tell you so much about Gavin and about Sonia and about Princess Pretty herself.  Alas, I firmly believe that spoilers have no place in reviews.  I am sure you get the idea by now that the characters and characterization is phenomenal, so I will leave you to discover the magic for yourself.

Nothing in Pretty Pretty Princess is quite what it seems.  Surprises both fun and grotesque abound with each turn of the page.  This in and of itself can almost be expected of Shane McKenzie, if one can find anything predictable about his work, due to the fact that his books and stories always seem to push the boundaries of genre, decency, and sanity.  Prime example of that here.

If one is not squeamish or easily offended, this is a must-read.

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About the Author: Shane McKenzie

Shane McKenzie is the author of many books, including Muerte Con Carne, Pus Junkies, Addicted to the Dead, All You Can Eat, Mutt, Fat Off Sex and Violence, and lots more. He wrote comics for Zenescope Entertainment in their Oz series, Grimm Fairy Tales series, and Grimm Tales of Terror series. The film El Gigante, done by LuchaGore Productions and directed by Gigi Saul Guerrero, is based on the first chapter of Muerte Con Carne. He continues to write screenplays for LuchaGore. He lives in Austin, TX with his wife and daughter. He’s staring at you right now.


Shane McKenzie on Amazon


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