Dane Hatchell / Science Fiction / Fantasy

Bigfoot Abomination

By Dane Hatchell


A Literary Masterpiece

Story Synopsis

Cole Rainwater isn’t your average 9th grader coming of age in the rural town of Salem, Missouri. At the age of ten, Cole has an encounter with bigfoot that scars his reality and leaves him with an itch for all things of the paranormal. His passion for aliens, ghosts, and cryptids, especially bigfoot, sets him apart from most of his classmates and makes him a target for bullies like Brennon Davis, an older player on the baseball team.

With new reports of bigfoot in the area, Charlotte Meadows, a classmate whose heart Cole is trying to win, goes missing. Cole and Brennon set aside their differences as they go on a search to find Charlotte.

Unknown to Cole and Brennon, a stranger travels from the future on a mission to alter Earth’s timeline. Bigfoots haunt the woods, threatening any interloper. Even more dangerous, the lure of fame and fortune entice cryptid hunters armed with high power weapons into the area.

All paths cross, leaving Charlotte’s fate and the future of mankind hanging in the balance. Who will survive in this action-adventure, cryptid tale?

Content Review

I had the privilege of conversing with Dane Hatchell following a run of free and discounted short story availability that he did. I commented on how wonderful it was for readers to have easy access to his work.  He gave the expected reply on marketing and followed with the notation that his full-length novels were promoted at the end of his short stories.  I promptly felt like a complete idiot because I had never partaken of his full-length novels.  Upon his offer to provide me with a review copy of his newest creation Bigfoot Abomination, my brain went into fan girl mode while I tried valiantly to formulate a professional response.  Shortly after Christmas I had my copy of Bigfoot Abomination and upon completion of pending projects, promptly devoured it.  I then reverently laid my hand atop it.  It’s a masterpiece.

Unlike the short stories of his that I am so fond of, Dane Hatchell’s Bigfoot Abomination lacks the graphic content and horror I expect from him.  This is a sci-fi book suitable for readers of all chronological adulthood.  Being Science Fiction, it does contain battle scenes, violence, and even death, but these are handled with care.

But this is not just a sci-fi book.

Bigfoot Abomination is more than science fiction. The story expertly combines sci-fi, creature feature, coming of age, and a touch of the real horrors of today’s society.  This masterpiece story is not just entertaining and engrossing, it also stimulates the mind and emotions like a masterpiece should.  With well-developed characters, strong plot, entertaining subplots, vivid action, and an incredible climactic ending, Bigfoot Abomination is miraculously neither over-written nor under-written.  It is a fun and fast paced adventure that will leave you breathless and exhausted.

Don’t be confused by the title and synopsis.  This action story has depth and the true meaning of the title is only clear at the end.  Whether you read for pure entertainment or prefer to have your intellect challenged, this book is for you.

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About the Author: Dane Hatchell

Dane Hatchell was born and lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He works in the manufacturing industry by the shores of the Mississippi River.

He is the author of the novels: Prehistoric WWII, Lost World of Patagonia, Lost World II: Savage Patagonia, and RESURRECTION X. Co-author of the novella: SLIPWAY GREY, and the novels: INSURGENT Z, THE DARK TIMES, and Sown in Blood. Multiple short stories by Dane have appeared in various anthologies over the last few years.

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