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Broken Angel

By Brian Knight


Dark and Compelling


When a strange little girl is found drugged and abandoned in the rural Idaho town of Clearwater, madness and death follow.

Grim knows there’s something wrong with his new foster-sister, Angel, but he also knows what it’s like to be an outsider in the small insular town. Michele feels the danger surrounding her new friend, Angel inspires violence with her mere presence, terror with a simple touch, but she’s also sweet, damaged, and all but alone.

As Angel’s health improves and her memories return, the hot Clearwater summer becomes increasingly strange and violent. Insanity infects the small town, a shadowy figure lurking in the woods at night deals death, and no one is safe.

Content Review

Broken Angel grabbed me from the very beginning.  It opens by setting up the dark and compelling mystery that pulled me through the entire book.  From there flows a rich story full of realistic characters and horrific events that create a rollercoaster of tension and emotion.

Brian Knight’s writing style creates a realism that makes you want to throttle him on occasion.  You want a little story book style magical good thing happening inserted in there somewhere, but he gives you only the unsettling true-to-nature responses that people have in horrific situations, the murphy’s law frustration that we all experience in real life, the dangerous close-minded attitudes produced by fear. And, of course, horror perpetuating horror.

The dark mystery of Broken Angel pulls you through this page-turner right up to the sucker punch ending.  No spoilers here, just an assurance that this is a must for horror fans.  It has it all: supernatural suspense, mystery, graphic horror, psychological horror. It spans the spectrum of horror subgenres.

This is a re-release, so if you missed it before, here is your second chance to be properly horrified by a very talented and twisted writer.  Reminiscent of very early Stephen King stories, Broken Angel by Brian Knight belongs in your collection.  It is officially shelf worthy.

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About the Author:  Brian Knight

Brian Knight lives in Washington State with his wife and the voices in his head. Brian Knight has published over a dozen novels and novellas and two short story collections in the horror, dark fantasy, and crime genres. Several of his short stories have received honorable mentions in Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror.


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