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Witch Hunter: Into the Outside

By J.Z. Foster


(Original Cover)



The world is lying to you. Is that news? It must be very upsetting.
Richard Fitcher found it upsetting.
He’s a witch hunter who doesn’t believe in witches, and tonight he’s taking a reporter and her cameraman on a witch hunt. He’s all ready to jazz it up with spooky noises and a gimmicky magic ritual that locates witches. People like that kind of crap, right? But there’s a problem.
It worked this time.
So now Richard is forced to call up old knowledge and power he didn’t believe to be real, challenging things that crawled out of the pit, if he has any hope of surviving the night. But this loser might actually find some value–the pit does have a tendency to shave off your uneven edges–if it doesn’t kill you.
Either way, it’s a lovely night for a witching.


Content Review

Witch Hunter: Into the Outside is an urban horror fiction novel by J.Z. Foster.  At least, I went into the read with that limited impression.  But who doesn’t enjoy some good urban horror fiction?  I know I enjoy it.  However, Witch Hunter is more than that.  With Foster’s complex and vivid writing style, Witch Hunter also falls into the genre of supernatural horror thriller.

Witch Hunter starts strong and stays strong.  The story grabbed me immediately, and by the end of the first chapter, I knew this was not just an urban horror fiction tale.  The plot is strong, and the building suspense kept me hooked.  As the story progresses, you wonder what is real and what is not even as the characters do.  Nothing is what it seems, not to the reader, not to the characters.  Horror, mystery, suspense, and three levels of humor, this story has it all.

It also has very relatable and realistic characters.  From beginning to end, we have characters good and evil and everything in between.  Without giving anything away, I must say one simply must love Wight.  Even the more minor characters are enjoyable and relevant.

Everything in the story is relevant.  Witch Hunter is well paced and well written, thoroughly engaging, and completely enjoyable.  I look forward to more from Foster.

Get it on Amazon:  US Link: Witch Hunter: Into the Outside (Volume 1)

Get it on Amazon: UK Link: Witch Hunter: Into the Outside

About the Author: J.Z. Foster

JZ Foster is a best-selling Urban Fantasy / Horror writer originally from Ohio. He spent several years in South Korea where he met and married his wife and together they opened an English school.

Now a first time father, he’s moving back to the states – and his hometown roots.

He writes in a place he’s deemed the dungeon, which is frequently invaded by bats. It certainly helps build an atmosphere for a writer of DARK FANTASY.

He has topped the ranks with his Urban Fantasy novel Witch Hunter: Into the Outside in the Horror Comedy and Dark Comedy ranks.

You can follow his writing progress on his Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/JZFosterAuthor/
or at JZFoster.com

Check out my extremely enlightening interview with J.Z. Foster here!


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