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The Corporation

By J.F. Gonzalez


Psychologically Terrifying


Michelle Dowling found her dream job. The offer on her desk from Corporate Financial Consultants included a high five figure salary, generous benefits and cushy perks. Finally, after escaping the psychological abuse of an emotionally cold mother and a series of dead-end jobs she could start planning a future with her fiance, Donald.

However, Michelle forgot the cardinal rule for any job offer; always read the fine print. She really should have gotten more details about her overtime hours, company policies, and exactly what they meant when they said “Welcome to the Corporate Financial Family”.

Michelle isn’t afraid of hard work. She’s a dedicated employee, the kind any manager would want for his firm. But this Corporation requires much more than just dedication…

Content Review

The Corporation by J.F. Gonzalez has been posthumously rereleased, along with many of his other works.  This is good news for horror fiction fans.  Gonzalez was a Master and being able to purchase his books in electronic or paperback format again is a gift to us all, especially those of us who did not partake of his works during initial publication.

I read some older reviews of this book and was shocked to find low ratings based on it being unrealistic.  If one finds any of this unrealistic, even for the time it was written, then one is delightfully oblivious to and out of touch with the realities of business, law, health insurance, and basically the world.  The realism that The Corporation is based on is terrifying because it reflects many real-world scenarios from the past decade as well as the past week.  J.F. Gonzalez nailed it.

I actually found it so unsettling, I became scared to finish the book.

The story is in the same vein as the works of the master Bentley Little, but with a signature darkness that is J.F. Gonzalez. The ebb and flow of the tempo creates a creeping creepy tension as the mind processes both the action and implications.  The relatable characters and realistic references both enthralled and repelled me.  This was almost believable.  Too believable.

I love this book.

I debate giving an in-depth analysis of The Corporation.  It would almost be an insult to the work.  The plot is quick revealed in the first half of the book, but the story is about the progression of events, the horror of the real world, the darkness in ourselves.  This is not light reading.  Prepare yourself.  And, maybe take a day off work BEFORE you begin.  The Corporation does not allow personal time.

Get it on Amazon:  The Corporation


About the Author: J.F. Gonzalez

J.F. Gonzalez (1964 – 2014) was the author of over thirty novels (under his own name as well as several pseudonyms), mostly in the horror and thriller genres, including the seminal Survivor and the popular Clickers series. Gonzalez sometimes collaborated with authors Mark Williams, Brian Keene, Wrath James White, Mike Oliveri, and others. He was also the author of over two hundred short stories (again under his own name as well as several pseudonyms), several of which were listed as “Recommended Reads” in Ellen Datlow’s annual Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror anthologies.

Many more Gonzalez novels are slated for posthumous release. Some (like Retreat and the Survivor prequel Monsters) were completed before his death. Others (like The Crossroads, Final Retreat, and the other Survivor prequel Animals) will be completed by Brian Keene, Wrath James White, and others, using Gonzalez’s partial manuscripts and detailed notes and plot outlines. In addition, all of his out-of-print titles are slated for reissue via Midnight Library.

For more information on his work, please visit www.jfgonzalez.org.


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