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The End Is All We See

By M.F. Wahl and A.J. Brown

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Brutally amazing and  horrifically visceral


From the minds of M.F. Wahl and A.J. Brown come two horrific tales of struggle and loss you won’t soon forget.

In “Purple Haze”, a crash landing on an uninhabited planet strands Adira and the surviving members of her crew. Surrounded by a quiet world of blue grass, and purple skies, danger lurks within the beauty. Without contact to Earth and light-years from home, they encounter a treacherous enemy that threatens to destroy them from the inside out.

“Run For The Flame” brings us into a world where an ice age has engulfed everything, driving life underground. The Sanctuary holds the last vestiges of humanity, but it’s walls are cracking and the ice is slowly encroaching. In their last grasp at survival, the community is forced to send their boys on an all-important run to The Flame… None have returned.

Wahl, a #1 Wattpad featured horror author and Brown, whose stories have appeared in over 200 publications, use their easy styles to draw you in, and hold you close. Welcome to their nightmares.

Content Review

The synopsis lures you in.  It looks like some awesome sci-fi horror.  Always a good choice, sci-fi horror.  Nice science fiction setting to remove you from too much realism.  Fun horror.

Then there’s The End is All We See.  Brutal, visceral, and so intelligently written that you are, as promised in the synopsis blurb, drawn in. Held close.  Shocked to your core.

Read the authors’ Forwards.  It is the only foreplay you get.

I’m writing this review before the shock wears completely off, hoping it does, so that I can accurately relay the amazing shock effect of both of these stories, individually and as a whole book.  However, proper words escape me.  I would think one might want to read each story on a separate day, maybe.  Instead of back to back.  Unless you enjoy mind scramble.  Which I generally do.

Okay.  Reset.  Try again.

Both of these stories are superbly written.
“Purple Haze” begins strong and stays strong with building tension, an incredible climax, and a brutal ending.  Wahl seems to choose each word to carefully convey emotion and imagery and, ultimately, heart pounding shock effect.
“Run for the Flame” immerses the reader into the setting, skillfully and efficiently evoking emotions and mental visuals of the opening scene, then abruptly and heartlessly brutally horrifies you.  And continues to horrify you.  The mental imagery was so insistent that I was compelled to rub my eyes until it hurt, which freaked me out all over again.  Why?  Read “Purple Haze” to find out why.

Having both of these stories available together in one volume is both a fantastic deal for the reader and a sadistic move by the writers.  And I will be buying the paperback version.

Important Notation:  this book is also available as All We See Is the End

**This review is subject to revision and addition once the shock wears off.

Get it on Amazon:
US Link: The End Is All We See
US Link: All We See Is the End

UK Link: The End Is All We See

About the Authors

M.F. Wahl

Horror, thriller, sci-fi… all are synonymous with M.F. Wahl. Her keen focus on character development and dark, twisting plots will keep you chained to each frightful word.
A proud member of the Horror Writers Association (HWA), Wahl is a multi-published, award-winning author and her novel Disease was a #1 Wattpad Featured Book in Horror before being picked up by Stitched Smile Publications. It is to be re-released March 9th, 2018.

Wahl grew up in New York State, but currently resides in the Canadian Maritimes and aside from being an author she is the Editor in Chief for the newly revived Stitched Smile Magazine.

Reach out to M.F. Wahl: Website: http://mfwahl.com

A.J. Brown

A.J. Brown is a southern-born writer who tells emotionally charged, character driven stories that often delve into the darker parts of the human psyche. Most of his stories have the southern country feel of his childhood.

A.J. writes in a conversational style that draws the reader in and holds their attention. His characters are average people with average lives who are layered with memories and emotions and are fallible, just like anyone else.

A.J. draws inspiration from every day events and conversations. The characters of his stories are drawn from people he has met or seen during his life. Some of the best stories are inspired by his two children.

Though he writes mostly darker stories, he does so without unnecessary gore, coarse language, or sex.

A.J. is also a husband to Cate and a father to two kids, who often inspire him in the most interesting ways.

More than 150 of his stories have been published in various online and print publications. His story Mother Weeps was nominated for a Pushcart Award in 2010. Another story, Picket Fences, was the editor’s choice story for Necrotic Tissue in October of 2010. The story, Numbers, won the quarterly contest at WilyWriters.com in June of 2013.

If you would like to learn more about A.J. you can check out his blog, Type AJ Negative. You can also find him on Facebook (ajbrown36).


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