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By M.F. Wahl


More than a zombie story


Humanity’s war against the living dead has been lost. In the wake of the zombie apocalypse, the living fight fiercely for what little they have.

In this hell-on-earth Casey, armed with a baseball bat, and joined by a mute boy named Alex, struggles to survive. When a man named Danny stumbles upon them, it’s mistrust at first sight – but times are desperate. Danny leads them to a thriving settlement where danger lurks beneath the guise of kindness.

It’s kill or be killed in a world where power is life, and the earth is overrun by walking dead.

Content Review

I am not a zombiephile.  I’m not even really a zombie fan, but one does not need to be to enjoy this exceptional tale by M.F. Wahl.  Disease is a horror story set in a post zombie apocalypse world where there are worse things than the Risen.

Wahl’s writing flows like prose in stark contrast to the horrific content.  I was enthralled, entertained, often shocked, even sometimes saddened.  The presentation of the zombies and the apocalyptic zombie event stays true to accepted zombie basics while allowing for subtle differences between the bitten and the risen dead, as well as variants due to zombie evolution.  This almost flawless presentation allows the story to flow smoothly.

And the story is the thing.  In addition to the zombies, zombie encounters, action scenes, and gore, we have a well thought out and skillfully written story about human characters, their strengths, their weaknesses, and their incredible evils.  The characters are well fleshed-out (pun intended) and relatable, with individual personalities and back stories.  They are people, not just stereotypes.  Wahl daringly pushes boundaries with the characters and plot.

It’s engrossing.
It’s nerve-wracking.
It’s horrific.
It’s a must-read for all horror fans.

Get it on Amazon US Link: Disease

Get it on Amazon UK Link:  Disease

About the Author M.F. Wahl

Horror, thriller, sci-fi… all are synonymous with M.F. Wahl. Her keen focus on character development and dark, twisting plots will keep you chained to each frightful word.

A proud member of the Horror Writers Association (HWA), Wahl is a multi-published, award-winning author and her novel Disease was a #1 Wattpad Featured Book in Horror before being picked up by Stitched Smile Publications. It is to be re-released March 9th, 2018.

Wahl grew up in New York State, but currently resides in the Canadian Maritimes and aside from being an author she is the Editor in Chief for the newly revived Stitched Smile Magazine.

Reach out to M.F. Wahl: Website: http://mfwahl.com


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