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Mind Wreck: Shadow Games

By J.Z. Foster


Urban Horror / Paranormal Suspense


Has anyone ever told you how special you are? How great you could be at anything if you just put your mind to it?

They were lying.

There are people, Shadows, who really can do anything. They walk like gods among us, speaking with the dead and tearing their enemies apart with a simple thought. Some live unchained by death, and others live without the shroud covering what tomorrow brings.

They’ve had the Mind Wreck.

It’s when the chemical stew inside your brain begins to boil. All those soft spots start to turn red and bleed as a host of human potential claws its way into you, dragging you into the deep end of the world.

Matthew Reed is drowning in the deep end. He’s been thrust into the games, The Shadow Games, where god-like beings vie for control and power, everyone out there is playing their own hand, and everyone has a seat at the table. He’ll have to learn to play quickly because being the son of a powerful Shadow has drawn a lot of attention.

Let the games begin.

Content Review

J.Z. Foster has restored my love for Urban Fiction!

Make no mistake, this is not just Urban Fantasy Fiction.  This is Urban Horror Fiction, paranormal suspense horror.  The storyline is dark, the sequences brutal.  The old folklore that is drawn upon had not been modernized and glitterfied, but instead remains true to its terror-inspiring origins.  That being said, the dark horror and suspense are masterfully balanced with dark humor, for a very thoroughly enjoyable reading experience.  It takes place in the same universe as Witch Hunter and Wicked Ones, though it has its own style and tone.

The characters in Mind Wreck: Shadow Games are painfully realistic.  They and the story draw you in as the tension builds page after page, chapter after chapter.  I found the book maddeningly difficult to put down, so enthralled was I.  And when circumstances forced me to put it aside for a time, my mind was still drawn back to the story, wondering what was happening as if anything could happen in my absence.

Mind Wreck is one big horrific thrill ride.  It is both brilliant and brilliantly done and I truly hope to see more.

Get it on Amazon: Mind Wreck: Shadow Games ( US Link )

Get it on Amazon: Mind Wreck: Shadow Games ( UK Link )


About the Author: J.Z. Foster

JZ Foster is an Urban Fantasy / Horror writer originally from Ohio. He spent several years in South Korea where he met and married his wife and together they opened an English school.

Now a first time father, he’s moved back to the states – and his hometown roots.

He received the writing bug from his mother, NYTimes best selling author, Lori Foster.

You can follow his writing progress on his Facebook  page, https://www.facebook.com/JZFosterAuthor/
or at JZFoster.com

Check out my extremely enlightening interview with J.Z. Foster here!


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