Dan Padavona / Horror Fiction


By Dan Padavona



How far would you go to save a child in need?

Jadyn is a promising inner-city student. But his community is terrorized by gangs and a series of grisly unsolved murders.

After the boy stops coming to school, his teacher, Annelise, determines to find out why. Now she is trapped on the wrong side of town, and something evil is stalking her.

Content Review

Dan Padavona presents a wrenching tale of the dark ugliness of humanityin all its gruesome glory.  Quilt illustrates that dark place between the known and the unknown where urban legends are born and justification for evil deeds is bred.

Padavona’s characters beg tobe heard and known.  So realistic are they that I was moved to empathy with each turn of the page.  They led me into their world, showing me the forgotten and ignored of society, those who dismiss them, and the horror it breeds.

The story is both heart wrenching and gut wrenching in its horror.  The steady pace pulls you through a building dread to gruesome horrors and a shocking climax.  The ending left me sad and exhausted.

I read this in one sitting.  It demanded to be finished and I was compelled to comply.  This short and powereful read is a must for everyone who likes their horror pure and flowing.

Get it on Amazon, US Link: Quilt

Get it on Amazon, UK Link: Quilt

About the Author: Dan Padavona

When you read one of my books I hope you feel like you are sitting around a campfire with me at midnight…the sweet smell of wood burning, the fire crackling like a bull whip, and a full moon chasing the shadows back to the woods. Just remember to save me a marshmallow. I like mine light brown, like cinnamon toast.

I was born and raised in Cortland, NY, not far from the Finger Lakes region. Today, I live outside of Binghamton, NY, with my wife Terri, and our two children.

If you happen upon me, you’ll probably see that I am reading Terry Brooks, Richard Laymon, J.K. Rowling, Jack Ketchum, or one of the many authors who have so enriched my life with their ability to tell a good tale.

More than anything, I love a good horror story. Let me tell you one.

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