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The Dinosaur Battle of New Orleans

By Dane Hatchell


Horror thriller action adventure creature feature!


Velociraptors in the Vieux Carré!

Savage dinosaurs are caught in a time wave and descend upon the historic city of New Orleans, Louisiana. The Big Easy’s jazz scene, culinary escapades, and party-time debauchery plunge into chaos as revelers drop their bloody Mary’s and daiquiris for a brutal fight to the death.

On the Mississippi River, a giant squid and elasmosaur pick tourists off the paddlewheeler Southern Queen.

Pterodactyls terrorize the skies above Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.

A giganotosaurus tramples beautiful Jackson Square.

Troodons and dilophosauruses invade the Audubon zoo.

A brontosaurus runs wild on Bourbon Street.

No one is safe as strangers forge alliances to battle the onslaught of prehistoric beasts raging havoc with sharp claws and spiked teeth threatening human flesh.

Content Review

Action, action, and more action!  Horror thriller action adventure creature feature!  This wild and fun read has it all!  The Dinosaur Battle of New Orleans is a fun and entertaining read full of action, monsters both human and prehistoric non-human, laughs, scares, and bloody violence.  Dane Hatchell weaves a fast-paced tale of people from different walks of life trying to survive a dinosaur attack as well as their own differences.  It is a rich testament of the horrors of humanity, a truly entertaining story, and, well, dinosaurs in New Orleans!

One of the wonderful things I enjoyed about this book is the fact that I did not have to spend the whole story wondering how and speculating on why it happened.  Hatchell lets us know early on what is happening and why and how.  It is brilliantly done, not too drawn out or technical.  Just enough to satisfy the need to know and work the imagination.

Another wonderful thing about his book is the characters.  Hatchell skillfully uses the dialect and lingo of the area to maintain both regional atmosphere and excellent characterization.  The characters are diverse and fully developed. They’re people.  They’re entertaining.  They’re infuriating. They will make you laugh and make you sad.
And they bleed.
And they die.
Like people do.

This is a horror action story.  Many parts are violent and bloody and kind of tragic.  There are no PC police here.  Some of the content is controversial and may be considered offensive. Horror is not written for feel goods.  Dane Hatchell brings an almost unfortunate level of realism to his characters and setting.  And then adds dinosaurs.  It is a brilliant piece and a fun read, but do understand it is not meant to tiptoe around feelings.  And that is why it is horror.

Warning over.

This is a highly recommended book that I am ecstatic and proud to own and shelve.

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About the Author: Dane Hatchell

Dane Hatchell was born and lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He works in the manufacturing industry by the shores of the Mississippi River.

He is the author of the novels: Prehistoric WWII, Lost World of Patagonia, Lost World II: Savage Patagonia, and RESURRECTION X. Co-author of the novella: SLIPWAY GREY, and the novels: INSURGENT Z, THE DARK TIMES, and Sown in Blood. Multiple short stories by Dane have appeared in various anthologies over the last few years.

Dane Hatchell Amazon Page


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