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One Dinosaur One Bullet

By Dane Hatchell


Action Adventure Horror!


In the near future, the synthesization of dark matter makes time travel a reality. Dan Webber and his son guide wealthy hunters 100 million years back in time where Tyrannosaurs rule and Velociraptors scavenge. New understandings of physics alleviate the once-honored fear of altering the future by new actions committed in the past. But when an anomaly interferes with the time machine’s programming, Dan and the others find themselves in a life-threatening situation no one has prepared for!

Paying homage to the SF classics A Gun for Dinosaur by L. Sprague de Camp and A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury, One Dinosaur One Bullet pits six time travelers against vicious dinosaurs in the prehistoric past. One Dinosaur One Bullet is a novella 22,000 words long.

Content Review

I read and review a lot of stories and books by Dane Hatchell.  Not all of the reviews are on Bibliophilia.  Some of the short works just have their review on Amazon and Goodreads.  This is not because I did not like them.  It is only because I read A LOT of things by Dane Hatchell.  His older short works are more horror driven.  Some more horrifying than others, of course.  But I have yet to read one I did not enjoy.  Dane’s newer works have more of an action/adventure horror and scifi horror thing going on.  And they have more depth.  I feel he is hitting his Masters stride and this novella just reinforces that opinion for me.

ONE DINOSAUR ONE BULLET is a powerful action-adventure sci-fi horror story with an emphasis on action horror!

What makes it powerful?
Strong, complex characters.
Well-presented scifi elements.
Compelling action sequences and tension building.
A brilliant and brilliantly written storyline.
All of the above.

This fast paced and brutal tale redefines the term “monster” under Dane Hatchell’s skillful writing as several levels of horror flow from the pages.  A highly recommended must-read!

Get it on Amazon:
US Link: One Dinosaur One Bullet
UK Link: One Dinosaur One Bullet



PS.  Scifi horror is a thing.  It is definitely a thing.  It is a well traveled sub-genre.  Just because Amazon doesn’t recognize it does not mean it isn’t a thing.  Amazon is a market place, not the end all and be all of genre classification.  Hmph.


About the Author: Dane Hatchell

Dane Hatchell was born and lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He works in the manufacturing industry by the shores of the Mississippi River.

He is the author of the novels: Prehistoric WWII, Lost World of Patagonia, Lost World II: Savage Patagonia, and RESURRECTION X. Co-author of the novella: SLIPWAY GREY, and the novels: INSURGENT Z, THE DARK TIMES, and Sown in Blood. Multiple short stories by Dane have appeared in various anthologies over the last few years.

Dane Hatchell Amazon Page


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