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The Pigeon

THE PIGEON: Nothing Goes Unseen
By Andrew Lennon & Christopher Motz


Daring Readers Only!

Synopsis Blurb

Clarke has had a rough week.

His girlfriend told him it was over, his drug dealer is trying to kill him, and he’s being followed by that nasty bird everywhere he goes.

Now he’s hell bent on settling the score and teaching every last one of them that he’s not a man to be taken lightly… especially the beady-eyed pigeon that has taken more from him than his pride.

Lennon & Motz bring you an exciting, horrific, fast-paced story, packed with violence, gore, mutilation… and angry birds!

No one is safe and nothing goes unseen beneath the watchful eye of The Pigeon.

Content Review

Gruesome. Dark. Violent. Intense.

I read this disturbing book in one 2 hour sitting.  I could not put it down in spite of the fact that I wanted to hurl it across the room on a few occasions.  I physically shuddered so many times, my husband thought I was cold.  I wish I was exaggerating.  The imagery, characterizations, and action sequences were complex and horrifying.

Lennon and Motz present a tale of one man’s bad day rippling out to consume others and the ever present pigeon who seems to be part of it all.  There is no ugly stone left unturned as the darkest hearts of humanity are made manifest in this gruesome tale.  The characters are so three dimensional that I am hard pressed to choose a “good guy” among them.  I kept expecting it to end, wanting it to end, wanting closure to the nightmare I was reading.  But the ending, when it came, was as psychologically brutal as the violent scenes in the story. It did, in fact, give me nightmares, nightmares where no one was what they seemed.

Daring readers only!
This book is not for the squeamish or easily offended.
It blazes through all the boundaries of the civilized mind.
It will be quite some time before some of the imagery fades.

Get yours on Amazon:
US Link: The Pigeon: Nothing Goes Unseen
UK Link: The Pigeon: Nothing Goes Unseen

About the Authors

Andrew Lennon

Andrew Lennon is the bestselling author of Every Twisted Thought and several other horror/thriller books. He has featured in various bestselling anthologies, and is successfully becoming a recognised name in horror and thriller writing. Andrew is a happily married man living in the North West of England with his wife Hazel & their children.
Having always been a big horror fan, Andrew spent a lot of his time watching scary movies or playing scary games, but it wasn’t until his mid-twenties that he developed a taste for reading. His wife, also being a big horror fan, had a very large Stephen King collection which Andrew began to consume. Once hooked into reading horror, he started to discover new authors like Thomas Ligotti & Ryan C Thomas. It was while reading work from these authors that he decided to try writing something himself and there came the idea for “A Life to Waste”
He enjoys spending his time with his family and watching or reading new horror.

For more information please go to

Christopher Motz

Christopher Motz grew up on a steady diet of horror and science fiction from some of the genres heavyweights: Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, Richard Laymon, William Hope Hodgson, Ray Bradbury, and Peter Straub. From a young age, Christopher was an avid reader and always had the goal to one day publish his own work.

His debut novel, “The Darkening,” marks the beginning of a journey that has been years in the making, but it’s only one step forward. The joy in writing is not knowing exactly where the journey will take you, where your characters will lead you, or how it’ll all turn out in the end.

This author’s story has yet to be written.

Christopher grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania, and his work mirrors that way of life. His work is peppered with his own memories of growing up, the friends he had, the places he has seen. It makes for a very authentic atmosphere in his stories and creates a touchstone for others who have similar memories of their childhood.

While he spends most of his time writing, Christopher still finds time to read his favorite authors, along with up-and-comers in a variety of genres. “The best way to become a good writer is to become a good reader.”

Outside of writing, Christopher is an avid collector of classic rock and heavy metal records, and for the past twenty years has been a drummer in a variety of different bands. In 2011 he married his High School sweetheart and has begun a new chapter of his small-town story.

For more, go to Christopher Motz on Amazon



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