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A Better Life

A Tale of Insidious Evil
By Kyle M Scott


A Wholly Unnerving and Frightening Experience


From the author of ‘The Club’ and ‘Devil’s Day’ comes a new vision of damnation…

She knows your weakness. She knows your regret. She knows your sin.

Kiss your soul goodbye…

Jess is no stranger to pain. Ostracised from her family, deep in debt, and now facing a future potentially more miserable than her past, she’s just crossed a line that she can’t ever come back from. In the desperate hope of securing herself something resembling a better life, Jess has stolen something precious, and she’d wager her life that the owners will pay to see their precious thing returned. The plan is simple…demand the ransom, get the money, make for the border. It’s gone smoothly so far, but she may be wagering a whole lot more than her life on this one desperate act.

Isolated and lonely, Eight-year-old Emily dreams of a brighter future, too. One that’s free from a dark and insidious evil that has poisoned her world since infancy, inspiring dread and fear in all whom she draws near. She’s been kept hidden from the world by parents rich in wealth and impoverished in warmth, and she longs for a life in which love is abundant and fortune inconsequential. Now, snatched from her family by the kind-eyed woman and her small group of friends, Emily has crossed into new, tantalizing territory. She knows why they took her and she knows what they want, but little Emily is far from the innocent child they believe they’ve kidnapped.

She has plans of her own in the search for a better life.

And she’s willing to raise unholy Hell to see them through…

In A Better Life, author Kyle M. Scott takes you on a one way trip into the depths of the abyss, where terror and suffering are infinite, and sin can devour.

Content Review

Sometimes the line between right and wrong can seem blurry.  But is it really?

Kyle M Scott brings us a horror story of good intentions paving the road to hell.  This graphic tale of love, desperation, and the dark side of human hearts draws you in with moving characters and an enthralling storyline.  Then it get REALLY good.

And Really Unnerving.
And Really Frightening.
And Really Graphic: horrifically graphic in both content and description.

A Better Life is an extreme and psychological horror story of insidious evil where nothing and no one are quite what they seem to be.  The shocking twists and brutal revelations will make you question your own choices and motives.  What would you do for a better life?  What would you sacrifice?  And what price might you pay for it?

Hold on to your intestinal fortitude and go with the people in Kyle Scott’s new novel as they search for A Better Life.

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About the Author: Kyle M. Scott

Kyle M. Scott is a horror author hailing from the dark and desolate wastelands of Glasgow, Scotland. He spent his formative years immersed in the world of horror, devouring the genre in all its forms. A rabid fan of the underground authors whose work paved the way for a more visceral, hard-hitting style of horror, Kyle’s love of extreme gore and boundary-pushing fiction could only lead him down one path.

Kyle currently has seven works available. Volume 1 and 2 of the ‘Consumed’ series – a collection of dark fiction that melds extreme horror with the blackest wit – and the full-length love letter to 80’s splatter and monster movies, ‘Devil’s Day’. His second novel, ‘Aftertaste’, pushed the boundaries of depravity to raw and shocking levels, combining social satire, suspense and a heavy dose of graphic horror. His latest full-length novel, Where The Dead Ones Play, takes the supernatural tale in brave new directions and his new series of Novellas, Razorblade Candies, continues to push boundaries in his exploration of horror in all its guises.

In his relatively short career, his works have made him a favourite among readers with a taste for fearless, provocative fiction that evokes the classic works of those who shaped modern horror.

Among his many influences, he cites Richard Laymon, Edward Lee and Jack Ketchum as the writers who sealed his fate.

Kyle currently resides in Glasgow with his long suffering partner, an arrogant cat, and an imagination that keeps him up all night contemplating therapy.

Kyle M. Scott on Amazon



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