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Interview with Myself Part 1

Interview with Myself Part 1
Do you really like all those books?

So, a little about me, based on conversations I have had with others.

If you read through my current list of reviews, you will notice that the vast majority are smoking hot positive reviews.  Can I really like all those books?  Well, yes, clearly I do.

Here’s the facts:

I like books.  I like to read.  I like to read many different types of books.  I enjoy many genres and subgenres.  I enjoy many different writing styles.

I am not here to tear down writers.  I am here to lift up the writers and books and stories that I enjoy.  You won’t see many bad reviews here because you can find self-righteous people insulting others all over the internet and I am not those people.  If I put a review on here, then I want the review here.  Mediocre reviews or uninspiring to me reads are reserved for Amazon and Goodreads.  And not all good reviews make it here either.  I read a lot.

I read a lot.  Yes, I said that twice.  See my about me page.

I tend to stick to reading things that I expect to enjoy.  I am not going to purposefully pick up something I know is not up my alley so that I can spend 2 days drudging through it and come out the other side unhappy.  That is not how I roll.

No, I do not love all the books equally.  But that does not mean I don’t enjoy all the books with good reviews.  If you read the reviews carefully, you will see me extol  the specific virtues of the book that most appeal to me, or those things I find most important or vital to the flow of the story.  I also will gently criticize things that I did not enjoy as much sometimes.  I’m just not rude about it.

One final note on the subject:  If I find something really dreadful about the book that I feel will gain the author a boatload of grief from readers, I will make an effort to contact the author and let them know so that they can decide if they want to do something about it.  By this I mean typing errors, formatting snafus, gross factual goofs (ie: clip and magazine are not interchangeable words!)  If a writer is not concerned with these things, then the review will reflect that.  If an author is going to make an effort to edit and re-release, then the review will be held and reflect that also.  Is that snobby and presumptuous of me?  Maybe.  I’m a book snob.  But, if you are a writer and I do give you a glowing review, you can enjoy the fact that I am a book snob.

So, enough about me for one day.  Back to reading amazing things…



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