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By D E McCluskey


Brutal and Disturbing

Synopsis Blurb

Addiction is an affliction.

As you crave you endure sweats, irritations, sleepless nights. Your life suffers, your job suffers… your family suffer.

But you need it, you HAVE to have your fix.

Joe O’Hara is having a bad morning, and it’s just about to get worse.

A random road traffic accident sends him on the path to addiction. Crack is the only thing that can give him any relief from his living hell – but it’s a far cry from the crack you might think it is.

CRACK is a psychological horror from D E McCluskey, author of The Twelve.

Content Review

This is one of the most brutal and disturbing things I have ever read and I kept trying to run away from it. Several times I found myself scared to find out what was going to happen next.  McCluskey’s combination of unpredictability and ominous foreshadowing creates a consuming tension and building dread.

CRACK is listed as psychological horror, which it most certainly is, however, the brutality and graphic content pushes the envelope into the realm of extreme horror as well.  Additionally, the edgy element of realism makes this a truly frightening read for the intellectual horror connoisseur. This story has widespread appeal… except maybe to those with delicate constitutions.

With realistic characters and attention to detail, McCluskey brings the horrifying story of Joe O’Hara’s tragic and gruesome addiction to life with exquisite skill.  Expect the unexpected.  Expect nightmares to plague your sleep after.

My more daring readers, this is most definitely for you!


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About the Author: D.E. McCluskey

Dave McCluskey is a writer of novels, graphic novels and comics. He currently lives in Liverpool with his daughter.

He began writing in 2011 and created his first comic called Interesting Tymes. An anthology of short horror stories written in rhyme for children and adults, introducing the world to Edward D’Ammage. This was quickly followed by Interesting Tymes x 2 and the spin off series called Edward D’Ammage Presents: The Wedding.

Dave then moved on to more adult related fiction, bringing out the one shot Wooden Heart, followed by the full graphic novel Doppelganger.

His current bibliography includes The Few, a zombie series, DeathDay Presents, a graphic novel comedy based in Hell, Three Days in the City, The Adventures of Mace Masoch and many more.

He has written and produced a full graphic novel for children. After spending a few years of attending comic conventions he grew tired of only seeing comics for adults and decided to do something about that. He then went on to write OLF, a graphic novel with a clever twist on an old Christmas tale.

Spurred on by this, he partnered up with Joe Matthews (funny monsters) and they produced a retelling of the classic Christmas tale of A Christmas Carol, re-writing the tale completely in rhyme.

Dave has now turned his sights onto writing novels and his debut novel The Twelve was released in 2017 to great reviews, and has just released his second novel, written in conjuction with Tony Bolland, entitled In The Mood… For Murder

He currently writes horrors, thrillers, childrens and YA books and refuses to be pigeon-holed…


Also available from D E McCluskey: The Twelve


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