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By Ian Woodhead


Disturbing Dystopian Horror

Synopsis Blurb

In a post-apocalyptic future, flora and fauna have mutated into new and dangerous forms and humans split into two species during the time of the black sky.
A stronger, survival-driven hominid now dominates the wilds.
Man is now the hunted.
Man is now the prey.

Content Review

How do you define “monster?”
How do you define “monstrous?”
In Ian Woodhead’s novel TERRORCENE, two very different humanoid species rose out of the “blackening sky” apocalypse and “humans” are no longer at the top of the food chain.

Terrorcene is the first-person account of a non-human hominid and combines his horrific coming of age story with his account of the revealing clash between the two species.  Intricately woven and deeply disturbing, it is not for those seeking a light read.  Terrorcene has complex depth, disturbing imagery and sequences, and characters so vivid that some are wholly unlikable.

This dystopian tale is a true blending of sci-fi and horror that darkly touches on how we view ourselves and others, how one’s perspective is shaped by life experience, and the possible end game of the horrors we create and ignore.  Ian Woodhead once again combines his gift for unrelenting horror with speculative futuristic sci-fi in a masterful blending of the genres.

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About the Author Ian Woodhead

Born in the 60′s, he managed to survive the decades that followed with minimum trauma. He lives in the north of England, the County of West Yorkshire, and is married with four children, four stepchildren and numerous pets.

He has been a writer for over two decades but has only recently decided to make a name for himself, with several novels and multiple short stories available. Ian writes mainly in the horror genre, but sometimes likes to add a helping of Science fiction and romance.

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