Horror Fiction Reviews

Tip of the Iceberg

By Ash Hartwell


Dark and Engrossing

Syopsis Blurb

Esme Jackson grew up in the slums around the Southampton docks with dreams of travel and a better life for her sister.

Bridget Grafton was born to Boston wealth and married to an arrogant, violent English industrialist.

The two young women board RMS Titanic for her maiden voyage. Separated by money and divided by class, their lives become fatally entwined by a single act of humanity.

Murder, deceit, betrayal, and friendship—all set against the violent destruction of the social order in the face of a rapidly spreading deadly virus. The voyage quickly becomes a struggle for survival…

Content Review

Tip of the Iceberg is a dark and engrossing alternate history story that is set during the ill-fated historic voyage of the Titanic.  Hartwell combines known historical figures with completely ficticious but compelling characters and expertly weaves a engaging tale of intrigue, building terror that culminates in gripping horror.

Okay, let us break this down into simple terms:

  • The story is just good. It is an excellent story; well paces, interesting, entertaining.  It builds upon itself right up to the fantastic, horrific, climactic ending.
  • The characters are very well done. Although even the words and actions of the historically real people are fictional right alongside the fictional characters, these people live and breathe and scream as you read about them.
  • The writing is phenomenal! This is my first Ash Hartwell novel and I am hooked.  Sign me up!  This writer is talented and the work is wholly enjoyable on every level.

I cannot recommend this book enough.  Hartwell’s unique take on a classic horror theme sets perfectly in alternate history without the campy horror-humor commonly used these days.  Refreshing and shelf worthy.

Get it on Amazon:
US Link: Tip of the Iceberg
UK Link: Tip of the Iceberg


About the Author: Ash Hartwell

Ash Hartwell was born in Maine in the USA but grew up in England where he still lives with his wife and four children. He has worked in retail management and as an intensive care nurse. He now breeds Cavalier King Charles spaniels and Ragdoll Cats with his wife, Nicki while writing his twisted tales of horror. He had his first collection of stories published in 2015 and has just completed his first novel which will be published by Stitched Smile Publications during late summer 2017. He has also written for a large number of anthologies including Rejected For Content 3, Full Moon Slaughter, and Monsters v Zombies to name a few. He is currently writing his second novel and his first novella and will shortly appear in The Black Room Manuscripts 3.
Ash Hartwell is a Fictioneer and member of a number of horror related Facebook groups, he is also a supporting member of the Horror Writers Association.

Ash Hartwell on Amazon


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