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Razorblade Candies

By Kyle M Scott


Extreme Horror Trio


For the first time, compiled for Kindle and print, comes Kyle M. Scott’s notorious Razorblade Candies. Three novellas, suitable for only the hardiest horror readers. Depraved, sinister and gleefully perverted, these explorations into man’s darkest impulses will shock, offend and terrify.

Included in Volume 1:

Paul loves Jane with his whole heart.
In his eyes, she’s perfection personified.
When Jane is cruelly cut down in the prime of her life, Paul is devastated. Facing the world alone, he’s falling into a pit of misery he may never get out of alive.
But Paul has a plan…a way to mend his broken heart and put things right. It’s going to require a touch of courage and the cover of night. Not to mention a little bending of the rules, a little determination…
And a lot of digging…

The year is 1986, and twelve year old Iain has been hearing things in the playground…things that make his mouth run dry and his heart race a whole lot faster.
He’s been hearing about some very adult video tapes.
Movies where the women are completely naked, and where they do things on film that a boy wouldn’t believe.
He’s a good kid, but the temptation is too strong to resist.
Iain’s going hunting for the key to his manhood, but Iain is about to find out that some secrets are so terrible, so unimaginable, that to learn them is to not only lose one’s innocence, but one’s very soul.
Don’t press play…

Amber used to love the wild.
It had always felt like home.
Now, that’s all changed.
After being knocked unconscious and abducted during a camping trip in the Californian Redwoods, she’s found herself tied to a tree, bleeding, hungry and facing three deranged, filthy perverts with a mind for torment.
But that’s not the worst thing about Amber’s day, and rednecks aren’t the worst thing a girl can encounter in the wilds.
There’s something else out there in the woods. Something more terrifying than any redneck. Something that only comes at night.
And it’s getting near dark…

Content Review

Razorblade Candies is the glorious compilation of the three Razorblade Candies Novellas previously released separately.  Many of us fans have pestered him for this volume and it is finally here!  Please note these are extreme horror stories, brazenly graphic in both content and description.

Loves Lies Dead: A Requiem for Love
A tale of love, death, and insanity.  Just when you think you have this nightmare figured out, you turn the page and it keeps going beyond all reason. This is brutal and graphic and twisted and absolutely not what you think.   This story doesn’t just have twists and turns, it is twists and turns… very dark and horrific twists and turns.

VHS: An Urban Nightmare
This is just graphic and grotesque. If it weren’t for the fact that the writing, story, and characters are brilliantly done, it might not be worth reading at all.  Alas, this story is as entertaining as it is visceral. Much like any taboo indulgence it will leave you feeling a bit nasty.  But it’s worth it.  If you can stomach it.
Warning. This one is disturbing. Very disturbing.  The subject matter is just horrifying and all too possible in reality.

The Wild: A Campfire Tale
The Wild, in all its poetic prose, delivers up violence and gore with all literary tragedy. Having read Kyle Scott’s work before, I fully expected a suspenseful and darkly violent tale.  But, I truly did not expect the rich flow in which it was told. This story of brutality and revenge is presented in a darkly unique fashion. A true mind fk if there ever was one. Superbly done.

Razorblade Candies is exquisite reading for the daring reader who enjoys extreme horror.

Get it on Amazon:

US Kindle – Razorblade Candies: Three Tales of Terror
US Paperback – Razorblade Candies: Three Tales of Terror

UK Kindle – Razorblade Candies: Three Tales of Terror
UK Paperback – Razorblade Candies: Three Tales of Terror

About the Author: Kyle M. Scott

Kyle M. Scott is a horror author hailing from the dark and desolate wastelands of Glasgow, Scotland. He spent his formative years immersed in the world of horror, devouring the genre in all its forms. A rabid fan of the underground authors whose work paved the way for a more visceral, hard-hitting style of horror, Kyle’s love of extreme gore and boundary-pushing fiction could only lead him down one path.

Kyle currently has seven works available. Volume 1 and 2 of the ‘Consumed’ series – a collection of dark fiction that melds extreme horror with the blackest wit – and the full-length love letter to 80’s splatter and monster movies, ‘Devil’s Day’. His second novel, ‘Aftertaste’, pushed the boundaries of depravity to raw and shocking levels, combining social satire, suspense and a heavy dose of graphic horror. His latest full-length novel, Where The Dead Ones Play, takes the supernatural tale in brave new directions and his new series of Novellas, Razorblade Candies, continues to push boundaries in his exploration of horror in all its guises.

In his relatively short career, his works have made him a favourite among readers with a taste for fearless, provocative fiction that evokes the classic works of those who shaped modern horror.

Among his many influences, he cites Richard Laymon, Edward Lee and Jack Ketchum as the writers who sealed his fate.

Kyle currently resides in Glasgow with his long suffering partner, an arrogant cat, and an imagination that keeps him up all night contemplating therapy.

Kyle M. Scott on Amazon


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