Horror Fiction Reviews / Mark Lumby

The Debt

By Mark Lumby


Dark and Twisted

Synopsis Blurb

If you had the chance to hit the reset button, would you?
If a stranger told you they could take away your cancer, would you let them?
If paradise was gifted to you, a new life, a house by the lake, more money than you could imagine, and a wife for whom you would eventually love, would you agree to take that deal?

There is only one condition. In 20 years you must give something back. You don’t know what that something is, and you never will until you need to give it.

All debts need paying in the end.

Everything has its price.

Content Review

Mark Lumby daringly goes to a darker place than his norm in his newest work, The Debt.  This twisted, brutal tale of desperate decisions and the price you pay for them mixes the building tension of a mystery with the horrific sequences of a mind brutalizing horror story.  Lumby treads the line of extreme horror with his daring subject matter and imagery.  I dare say he crosses it a few times, so be warned that this is not the tastefully toned-down horror of some past stories.

Now that we have had our obligatory content warning, let us move on to the meat of the thing.  In The Debt, Mark Lumby has taken the classic theme of “deal with the devil” and masterfully twisted it into a wholly unique brutal horror thriller that plays musical hell with both your emotions and your intestinal fortitude. To be blunt, I got a tad squicked out once or twice.

Did I use the word “thriller?”
Yes, I did, because the twists and turns kept shredding my assumption of what was happening and going to happen.  Every time I thought I had found predictability, I was proven wrong.  Nothing is truly what it seems.

Yes, I did edit this.  That does not mean my opinion is not valid.

Check your intestinal fortitude and face the consequences of The Debt.

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About the Author: Mark Lumby

Mark Lumby has been writing stories since the early nineties, and since has written several novels/novelettes/short stories of different genres, although prefers to write horror. He was inspired by the likes of Stephen King, Graham Masterton and Richard Matheson. He was born and raised in York (England) and now resides in Tadcaster (England) with his wife and 5 children and many animals.


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