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By Andrew Lennon


Synopsis Blurb

Sick and tired of day to day life. John turns to his thoughts and imagination for a means of escape.

One day he meets Keith. He is taught that life doesn’t have to be boring. It can be fun. You can go places, do things, meet people. For the first time in his life, John begins to enjoy himself.

However, he soon learns that Keith is not as he appears.
He has a dark side. He is out of control and he is taking John down with him.

Content Review

KEITH is the story of the friendship between John, who is not just bored with his life but also heartily frustrated, and Keith, a guy John meets by odd chance who is basically his polar opposite.

In this clever psychological horror, Andrew Lennon presents us with the annoyingly relatable weak-wimpy-loner guy you just wan to slap as the actual main character of John.  We all know this person in one form or another, at least superficially.  We also know the obnoxious, inconsistent, bully-type who befriends the wimps that we see embodied in Keith.  Both of these characters are careful representations of the stereotypes that generally get on our last nerves.

But, what are these people really like outside our notice?  What moves such men and ultimately breaks them?  In KEITH, Lennon shows us the dark things in the hearts of such men, shows us that things and people are often not what they seem. You won’t look at people you may know as stereotypes the same way ever again.

In spite of its steady pace, this is not light reading.  It is psychological horror meant to stimulate the mind, full of foreshadowing and subtleties and well as tension and terror.  The subject matter is disturbing and the climactic ending is powerful and very telling.  I feel like some hard-core readers might prefer to label this more of a thriller than horror, so keep in mind that your perspective indicates how intense you find this one.  Either way, I highly recommend it.


**All of this being said, I would like to add a reviewers note only to the Templum readers.  I saw an apologetic negative review for this story on Amazon.  With respect to the reviewer, it was very clear to me that said person simply did not get it. I base this on the way they described the story and the abundance of nuance they clearly did not catch. I am not sure they even read the whole thing.  Psychological horror is not for everyone.  It is a thinking reader’s subgenre and not for simple or light entertainment reading.  I see this all too often, a reader leaving a bad review for a work of depth they actually just did not “get.”  No fault of their own, of course.  But do keep in mind when reading a review, especially a negative one, that the book may be over that person’s head or may be outside their scope of give-a-shit.  Read a variety of reviews.  Seek key words that speak to you.  And be aware of what you are in the mood for before you pick of a story noted to have depth and nuance. Happy reading.


Get Keith on Amazon now:
US Link – Keith: A Story of Friendship and Violence
UK Link – Keith: A Story of Friendship and Violence


About the Author: Andrew Lennon

Andrew Lennon is the bestselling author of Every Twisted Thought and several other horror/thriller books. He has featured in various bestselling anthologies, and is successfully becoming a recognised name in horror and thriller writing. Andrew is a happily married man living in the North West of England with his wife Hazel & their children.
Having always been a big horror fan, Andrew spent a lot of his time watching scary movies or playing scary games, but it wasn’t until his mid-twenties that he developed a taste for reading. His wife, also being a big horror fan, had a very large Stephen King collection which Andrew began to consume. Once hooked into reading horror, he started to discover new authors like Thomas Ligotti & Ryan C Thomas. It was while reading work from these authors that he decided to try writing something himself and there came the idea for “A Life to Waste”
He enjoys spending his time with his family and watching or reading new horror.

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