Horror Fiction Reviews

Wet Bones

By Wol-vriey


Pure Graphic Horror Entertainment

Synopsis Blurb

Evil everyday awaits,
And it tampers with our fate.

Greg is about learning the hard way that you don’t mess with Aunt Grace.

Evil comes in different guises,
It has many forms and sizes.

Nine completely fleshless skeletons recovered in the Massachusetts woods. Two detectives on the trail of a horrible, hungry monster.

Evil loves the troubled soul,
Anguish and misery are its goal.

Broken-hearted Allie Jackson has a date with a creature from Hell.

Evil plays its little games,
Making humans shriek in pain.

Things are about to get well out of hand for everyone, and in horrifying, terrifying ways they don’t expect.

Content Review

I have discovered an wonderful new-to-me writer!

Wet Bones is pure graphic horror entertainment!

The writing is clever and brazen both in content and style.  Wol-vriey uses an excellent narrative voice that varies with the content.  It comes across more like an actual storyteller than a writer.  In some places it flows smoothly, almost prosy, then drops sudden graphic word bombs that create a fun shock effect. I cringed, I laughed out loud, I fought to keep my lunch down.  It is a truly fun ride.

In addition to the skillful writing, this full-length novel has an incredibly diverse set of characters for your reading enjoyment.  It’s a shocking mix of mobsters, divas, rockers, business professionals, Satan worshipers, and even a Lovecraftian demon!  But do not be fooled by any initial impression of stereotypes; not everyone is who or what they seem.  DO wonder at the diverse character stories because they come together in fun and horrifying ways.

Broken hearts, kinky sex, plotting, planning, torture, murder, and bad decisions; Wet Bones has a wonderfully wild mix of things going on, all brilliantly woven together.  It is an incredible fun read for the daring horror story aficionado.

Now for the obligatory warning:
Graphic and Extreme content and language, including violence and sex!
To me this is a good thing.  If such things are not for you, then this is not a story you want to delve into.  Additionally, I would like to add that Wol-vriey brazenly includes people and sex that reflects alternative lifestyles.  However, it his done with a finesse that emphasizes that the alternative lifestyle subjects are not negative in and of themselves, they are simply part of the story.  So, keep that in mind.  Again, to me this is a good thing.  It may not be for you.

A 5 star review for this shelf worthy fun and bold novel!

Get it on Amazon:
US Link: Wet Bones
UK Link: Wet Bones


About the Author: Wol-vriey

Wol-vriey is Nigerian and quite tall.

He writes horror fiction—for adults only, please. And also some surrealist stuff.

His horror novels include: Hell Dancer, Girls Are Not Smiling, and the ‘Brainchew’ Series. On the surrealist side of things, he is the author of Pussy Transmission, the Bud Malone ‘Boston’ Series, Vegan Zombie Apocalypse, Vegan Vampire Vaginas, and the disturbing and unsettling Dr. Orgasm.

Wol-vriey Amazon Page


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