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Dismember: An Extreme Horror Collection

An Extreme Horror Collection
By Ian Woodhead


Extreme Horror at its finest


There are EXTREME horror tales. Please do not purchase this book if you are easily shocked, disgusted or offended.

There is a deep, hidden sickness that affects everyone born in the blighted town of Brutality. This evil, this urge to hurt, to torment – to kill, is hidden behind a thin veil of normality, only to be unleashed behind closed doors.

A few of the people who moved there sense that there’s something very wrong with this bleak town, but nothing in their imagination could prepare them for the real truth.

When a stranger unlocks the town’s dark secret, both visitors and the recent inhabitants now find themselves fighting to stay alive as an orgy of violence, mayhem and murder is unleashed in Brutality!

James is an upstanding member of the community. He is a History teacher and spends his free time running a soup kitchen, caring for the homeless.

He is also a homicidal psychopath with a God complex.
Suffering from a horrifying childhood rife with mommy issues and sexual deviancy, he believes that boys are born evil. One captive at a time he takes it upon himself to purge them, utilising his many tools and devices, including photographic and video evidence of the child’s murdered families.
He will succeed in his calling.
He is an evolved being after all.

All he wanted was to show his older brother that he alone could create the ultimate burger, even if it meant breaking into their neighbour’s house to use all their gear. He found everything in the kitchen apart from the meat.
He wasn’t perturbed over this annoyance. The two terrified people they’d tied up in the living room looked like they could do with losing a bit of weight.

In our town of Brutality, the annual Gala was such an important event. Something that all the locals looked forward to. We had floats, balloons, hangings, decapitations, fun rides for the kids as well as clowns.
This year, I intended to swipe the coveted Happy Day Scythe. For the past ten years, that horrible cow, Mrs Diana Harper won it. Not this time, though, I was so going to fix her wagon.
I’ve invited Mrs Gloria Price over for tea. The woman practically organises the Gala all by herself. She’s almost like royalty. I’m going to make her my famous stew. That’s bound to put me in her good books. I just need to go to the shed to prepare the meat.
I hope he has stopped crying. I do hate it when they’re snivelling and begging me to let them go free. I prefer quiet when I dismember them.

The young priest had heard rumours of a town where evil reigns. Where every inhabitant commits the most heinous of crimes. They called this town of sinners Brutality, and he made it his mission to seek out this place, to save these poor people and to put them back on the path of Righteousness.

He did not question the apparent ease of discovering this fabled town, nor did he question why the Lord had decided to reveal his divine voice and said they could not be saved but maybe the priest could send some of them up so the Lord could torture their souls?

Only the really bad ones to start with. The Lord would even show this priest exactly who to murder.
How could the priest deny the word of the Lord?

When they dropped that hammer into my hand, the head stained with old blood, I hesitated. The old man’s terror-stricken eyes pleaded with me not to do this. It’s only when my friends urged me to finish my initiation, I knew I was going to hit him. I was going to smash the hammer into his face over and over again.

I would do anything to belong to the most savage gang in the town of Brutality, no matter what the cost.

Content Review

DISMEMBER is the brutal collection of Extreme Horror by the incomparable Ian Woodhead.  I have waited for this collection since the release of the Tales of Brutality short stories 2 years ago.  I am ecstatic to have this shelf-worthy volume in the Templum Library at last.  I love these stories.  They are daring and irreverent and grotesquely fun to read.

Brutality is… well… it’s brutal.  It is brutal extreme horror flowing with bloody, violent imagery and horrifying subject matter. It begins the way many stories of its kind do, with the horrifying little town where gruesome things happen.  But then, as the story progresses, it evolves.  The bloody history of Brutality is the precursor to the unimaginable origin story that unfolds as events rush to a mind-scrambling climax. Part bloody adventure thriller, part shocking supernatural horror, this extreme horror novel is like a rollercoaster in the dark.

It is also one of my favorite mentally exhausting, brutal, gruesome, not-for-the-squeamish, horror town stories.
A very shelf-worthy novel.
Welcome to Brutality.

Snatched is, as advertised, an extreme horror tale. It is a wholly disturbing story told in first person.  Snatched deals with several levels of warning worthy subject matter, from horrific psychosis to bullying to graphic child abuse.  A strong personal constitution is necessary to take this dark journey into one man’s damaged mind.  Ian Woodhead’s presentation of dark insanity and human horrors is merciless.  Most frightening to me was the realization that this could easily be someone you know.  And you wouldn’t know it.

“Burger” is a gruesome Tale from Brutality. It illustrates that nothing in Brutality is ever quite what it seems, and no one in Brutality quite what THEY seem.  Or who.  Revenge is not served cold in Brutality.

“The Shed” is a shocking little story, even for Brutality.  It has surprising characters, disturbingly well done.  This one messed with my head.

“Poisoned” is a Tale from Brutality that will ruin both your appetite and your Faith.  Not for the squeamish.

“Dead Girl” is a graphic and brutal tale about some of the young people in Brutality. Exquisitely told in first person, this story is every bit as disturbing as the original novel.  And just as brilliantly done.

Again, this is an incredible collection and a great value.  If you like it extreme, you will like Dismember.
Road trip anyone?

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About the Author Ian Woodhead

Born in the 60′s, he managed to survive the decades that followed with minimum trauma. He lives in the north of England, the County of West Yorkshire, and is married with four children, four stepchildren and numerous pets.

He has been a writer for over two decades but has only recently decided to make a name for himself, with several novels and multiple short stories available. Ian writes mainly in the horror genre, but sometimes likes to add a helping of Science fiction and romance.

Ian Woodhead on Amazon

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