Horror Anthology / Short Story Collection

Poisoned Candy: Bite-sized Horror

Bite-sized Horror
By Myk Pilgrim & Pippa Bailey


Wholly Entertaining!

Synopsis Blurb

Have you checked your Halloween sack for Poisoned Candy?
Take a twisted journey through 100 bite-sized Halloween horror stories.
Discover the disgusting, depraved, and downright diabolical things people get up to on Halloween.
In a world where the only thing scarier than the monster under your bed is the person tucking you in.
Where pumpkins bite back and the thing that lives in the sink doesn’t eat just your leftovers.

Come door to door with us and enjoy a deadly, delectable offering of short fiction with a vile sense of humour to make you moist in all the wrong places.

Please discard all decency before reading this book – we did whilst writing it.

From the authors of
“I’ve got a story in that book with Clive Barker, Ramsey Campbell, Joe R. Lansdale, and Jack Ketchum, it’s gonna be so freaking awesome.”
“Oh god, I’ll get the book out next year, I swear – I just need to finish these edits.”
Comes Poisoned Candy, a collection of Halloween short stories, perfectly sized to not completely cut into your social media time, and, so you can still keep one eye on that creepy dude on the bus.
Yeah, you know the one, he’s licking his lips right now… wait, did he just sniff his fingers?

If you want more depraved horror from the two of us, BUY Poisoned Candy NOW
– or don’t, we’re not the boss of you.
We’d really like to not be surviving on Raman noodles and bin juice.
Also, did we mention that this is very much NOT FOR KIDS?

Content Review

Horror Drabbles.  I love horror drabbles.  And this book is filled with them, Drabbles and bonus horror shorts that will shock that look right off your face.  Some of these evoke wicked giggles, others evoke horrified gasps.  I was eating when I read this collection. I don’t recommend it.  The second story shocked the food in my mouth into a rapid exit.  Fortunately, the food already in my stomach remained there.

I read this book in one evening.  I could not put it down.  The stories are wonderfully creative, darkly humorous, shocking, horrifying, and wholly entertaining.  The extra content is funny and grotesque by turns.  This collection is full of surprises.  Even the author’s notes and acknowledgements after the stories are entertaining.

I am sad that this is a kindle only book, for it is completely shelf worthy.
Creative. Shocking. Entertaining. Highly recommended.

Word of warning, remove the furby or shelby from the house before you begin.  Don’t hide it, remove it.  You’ll thank me later.

Get it on Amazon:
Poisoned Candy: US Link
Poisoned Candy: UK Link


About the Authors

Myk Pilgrim

Myk Pilgrim is a horror writer, or at least that’s what he likes to tell people. He lives in a tiny village just north of the wall, where he spends his time, sharing cappuccinos with his inner demons, binge watching bad horror movies, shaving his head, annoying the locals, and generally just counting down the days until Halloween.
Also, sometimes, he writes stuff.
Visit him at http://www.mykpilgrim.com/

Pippa Bailey

Pippa Bailey lives north of the wall in the Scottish Highlands. Principally a horror writer, YouTube personality and independent reviewer at Deadflicks with her partner, Myk Pilgrim. She’s known for supernatural horror, with a vile sense of humour, and her stories have featured in anthologies and magazines. You can spot her drinking too much tea, making terrible puns, and bothering the local wildlife at www.pippabailey.co.uk.

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