Horror Fiction

Billy: A Tale of Terror

By Clayton E. Spriggs


Surprisingly Complex and Horrifying


Deep in the swamplands of Louisiana, a monster is born.

Hidden away in the cypress swamp of the Atchafalaya Basin, a cabin sits on pilings long driven into the murky water, home to a family of Cajuns known as the St. Pierres. A newborn joins their brood, a badly deformed infant who arrives unwelcome and unwanted. He is believed to be sent from the depths of hell itself as punishment for the unspeakable sin from which he sprang.

Soon, the boy grows into the monster they have feared all along. Seizing their opportunity, they drug him and chain him up in the attic until they are able to dispose of their curse once and for all. The only problem now, they lose access to the dark, cramped space overhead. No problem, exclaims Poppie St. Pierre, “No reason to ever go up dere again.”

When the wrath of Hurricane Katrina comes to Bayou Noir, they are forced to confront the terror that awaits them.

In the aftermath of the great storm, a group of college kids set out to look for survivors, never to be seen again. Detective Nicholas Vizier is hired to locate the missing search party and recruits local gator hunters to aid in the search. As their expedition leads them further into the swamp, they find more than they bargained for. They find Billy.

From the opening chapter in the backroom of the cabin on Bayou Noir, to the creepy confines of St. Elizabeth’s Institute for the Mentally Ill and the haunted ruins of Lost Bayou Plantation, ‘Billy’ will send you on a terrifying adventure until the shocking conclusion that will haunt you long after you put the book away. So turn on the lights and prepare yourself for the horror that will surely come with every turn of the page and find out the answer to the riddle, “Why didn’t they go up into the attic?”

Content Review

Billy: A Tale of Terror begins with a horrifying slap to the face and the horror continues to build from there. Part One mixes unspeakable real-life horrors and speculative horror to twist your psyche and stomach. It is a horror story all on its own.

Part Two introduces the bigger story.  It adds new characters and subplots and weaves a gruesome tale full of suspense and very relatable characters. The story is told with expert skill, well-paced and compelling, creating an ominous dark bridge between the horrifying Part One and the terrifying Part Three.

Part Three plunges the reader mercilessly into psychological and visceral horrors with the final sequences, climax, and conclusion.  The story takes surprising twists as Spriggs bombards you with the unexpected, always one step ahead of his own foreshadowing.

Billy is an incredible read, compelling, entertaining, horrifying, and surprisingly complex.  Highly recommended for those with strong intestinal fortitude.

Get it on Amazon:
Billy: A Tale of Terror (US Link)
Billy: A Tale of Terror (UK Link)


About the Author: Clayton E. Spriggs

CLAYTON E. SPRIGGS is the author of the critically acclaimed Johnson Road mystery/thrillers. His novels include Billy, Johnson Road, Peterson County Murders, and his newest novel, The Bone Puzzle. An avid New Orleans Saints football fan, he lives in southeast Louisiana. You can contact him at: cespriggs@pennmillpub.com

Clayton E Spriggs on Amazon



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