Horror Fiction / Matthew Cash


By Matthew Cash


Brutally Compelling


Little Stevie just wanted a friend to help make snowmen, snow angels, and have fun and games with. Ever unpopular and often lonely, a lot of experiences most children his age have passed him by. A heavy winter brings the town to a standstill, and he seeks the opportunity to play in the snow.

But something else is already playing in the snow, and the game it is playing is deadly enough to destroy Mankind.

Content Review

Frosty by Matthew Cash is a well-paced, disturbing read that is very hard to put down.  Cash’s characters tug at your heart while the maddening suspense crushes your mind.

This engaging story is interesting, compelling, and well-presented.  Cash leaves just enough to the imagination to keep the reader on their toes and create brutal tension and build-up.  While it is not Extreme Horror, Frosty does contain some disturbing content and gruesome sequences. With the addition of Psychological Horror aspects, this story crosses subgenre boundaries without apology. To say more about that would risk giving something away, and I abhor spoilers in reviews.

Of course, a definitive part of a well-executed story is excellent characterization.  Cash delivers. These engaging characters are rich with personality and evoke both sympathy and empathy. Well, for the most part. Some characters evoke anger and disgust, naturally, but you get the idea.

This is a story that you will love and hate and love to hate because it will grab you by your fears and stab you in the feels.

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About the Author: Matthew Cash

Matthew Cash, or Matty-Bob Cash as he is known to most,was born and raised in in Suffolk; which is the setting for his full length novel Pinprick.  He has always written stories since he first learnt to write and most, although not all, tend to slip into the many layered murky depths of the Horror genre.  His influences ranged from when he first started reading to Present day are, to name but a small select few; Roald Dahl, James Herbert, Clive Barker, Stephen King, Stephen Laws, and more recently he enjoys and has what he refers to as a ‘major book-on’ for Adam Nevill, F.R Tallis, Michael Bray, William Meikle and Iain Rob Wright (who featured Matty-Bob in his famous A-Z of Horror title M is For Matty-Bob, plus Matthew wrote his own version of events which was included as a bonus).
He is a father of two and a husband of one, he’d happily have more but he doesn’t think his wife would be too happy.

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