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Witch Hunter: Gods and Monsters

Gods and Monsters
By JZ Foster


Twists, turns, humor, and gag-inducing imagery.

Synopsis Blurb

The deep end of the world is a dangerous place.

Richard Fitcher knows that. He knew it well before Elena, a mysterious gutter witch, showed up with her proposition.

Elena was going god hunting, and she wanted Richard’s help in attaining a fabled Deicide Blade. Once she had it, they’d both be able to solve their own problems.

Should be an easy task for a witch hunter and a gutter witch, but things are never easy when Gods and Monsters are afoot.

Content Review

Witch Hunter: Gods and Monsters is book 2 in the Witch Hunter Series. Yes, you need to read the first one first.  See Witch Hunter: Into the Outside here.

Foster does it again with this fast-paced and entertaining story. Richard is back. My favorite wight is back. Characters both familiar and new come together under Foster’s magical pen to make you laugh, make you wonder, and make you cringe. This combination Dark Urban Fantasy and Horror Comedy has twists, turns, humor, and gag inducing imagery.

Foster’s trademark vivid storytelling and engaging characters pull you in to this engrossing tale and keep your mind in the world of Witch Hunter long after you have read the final sentence. This is fun to read. It is entertaining. It flows well. It takes the reader on an adventure of emotional and intellectual reactions as horror and humor play keep away with your mind.

Highly recommended.
Can’t wait to see what Foster creates for us next.

Get it on Amazon:
Witch Hunter: Gods and Monsters (US Link)
Witch Hunter: Gods and Monsters (UK Link)

About the Author: J.Z. Foster

JZ Foster is a best-selling Urban Fantasy / Horror writer originally from Ohio. He spent several years in South Korea where he met and married his wife and together they opened an English school.

Now a first time father, he’s moving back to the states – and his hometown roots.

He writes in a place he’s deemed the dungeon, which is frequently invaded by bats. It certainly helps build an atmosphere for a writer of DARK FANTASY.

He has topped the ranks with his Urban Fantasy novel Witch Hunter: Into the Outside in the Horror Comedy and Dark Comedy ranks.

You can follow his writing progress on his Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/JZFosterAuthor/
or at JZFoster.com

Check out my extremely enlightening interview with J.Z. Foster here!

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