Horror Fiction / Kelli Owen

White Picket Prisons

By Kelli Owen


Brilliantly Intense

Synopsis Blurb

Detective Mark Baker is an honest cop and an all-around good guy. After a chaotic night, Mark starts to reexamine his role in the system he no longer believes in.

That’s when an ominous letter arrives from his estranged sister.

She sounds distraught, suicidal. Her words send him on a mission to a small midwestern town, uncertain if he’ll find her dead or alive.

Valley Mill is a quiet little utopia. Everyone gets along. There’s zero crime. On the outside, it’s exactly what Mark thinks society should be.

But what Mark discovers behind the pristine fences and closed doors is far worse than anything he could have imagined. And he learns very quickly to be careful what you wish for…

(Warning: some scenes may be considered graphic by non-horror readers)

Content Review

White Picket Prisons by Kelli Owen is an intense horror thriller. Incredibly intense.

The story starts off as a steadily building dark thriller, full of suspense, dark sequences, and excellent characterization.

About halfway through it turns to something much darker.

I reached a point where the building suspense and absolute dread were almost too much for me. It was not something I could bring myself to read right before sleep. So, I set it aside until the next day. I had nightmares anyway.

It was a good call though. The horror, both psychological and explicit, manifests in spades in the last several chapters.

Kelli Owen’s unique skill with developing characters and building a story is beautifully evident in White Picket Prisons. However, the warning about graphic content should be heeded. Readers who are used to dark thrillers may find Kelli’s unique venture into disturbing taboo horrors to be a bit much. Hard horror fans will delight in her daring.

This is a truly captivating and horrifying story about people and the dark realities of our sense of right, wrong, and justice. Highly recommended.

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White Picket Prisons (US Link)
White Picket Prisons (UK Link)

About the Author: Kelli Owen

Kelli Owen is the author of more than a dozen books–her fiction spanning from thriller and psychological horror, to an occasional bloodbath, and the even rarer happy ending. She was an editor and reviewer for over a decade, and has attended countless writing conventions, participated on dozens of panels, and spoken at the CIA Headquarters in Langley, VA regarding both her writing and the field in general. Born and raised in Wisconsin, she now lives in Destination, Pennsylvania.

For more information on her books and social media links, please visit her website at kelliowen.com

NOTE: For exclusive behind the scenes info, notes, etc. on Kelli’s fiction, please consider becoming a patron at http://www.patreon.com/kelliowen

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