Em Dehaney / Horror Fiction / Short Story Collection

After Us

By Em Dehaney


Impactful and Nightmarish


The dead never stayed buried in New Orleans.
“After Us, The Flood” is a nightmare tale set among the drowned buildings of Hurricane Katrina. Can Low Jenkins and his small band of jazz fiends and party animals survive the flood?
Something is stirring in the water…

With bonus story “Mama’s Here.”
Which is stronger? A mother’s love, or the hatred that burns at 3am?

Content Review

Em Dehaney delivers an impactful, nightmarish duology with After Us.

In the story “After Us, The Flood,” natural disaster and unnatural horrors combine with the human condition to create a tale of both psychological dread and active terror. The characters and sequences are vivid and compelling. The storyline has excellent concept and progression. I cannot recommend this enough. But realize the unexpected awaits you at every turn of the page.

The bonus story “Mama’s Here” is dark and haunting. The dread and suspense build to a horrifying conclusion. It is a mind-twister that may just give you nightmares.

While not extreme horror, these stories are conceptually horrifying and impactful with a touch of gore and a heaping dose of psychological horror. Both have excellent characterization and are well-paced. This duology is an excellent read for all horror fans.

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About the Author: Em Dehaney

Em Dehaney is a mother of two, a writer of fantasy and a drinker of tea. Born in Gravesend, England, her writing is inspired by the dark and decadent history of her home town. She is made of tea, cake, blood and magic.

You can find her at http://www.emdehaney.com or lurking about on Facebook posting pictures of witches emdehaney@facebook.com

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