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Felo De Se: The Suicide of Jeremy Price

The Suicide of Jeremy Price
By Shaun Hupp


A Dark and Powerful Tale


Felo de se
Latin for “Felon of himself.”
1. A person who commits suicide or an unlawful malicious act resulting in his or her death.
2.An act of deliberate self-destruction

When his life went down a dark path and was too much for him to handle, Jeremy Price took the only option he thought he had left. Jeremy ended his life, and now his family and friends have to deal with the aftermath. Only Jeremy will be there with them as well.
This is not the end of Jeremy Price.
His spirit will not move on to any sort of afterlife. He must wander his hometown, watching those who cared for him. His wife and two kids. A friend. His father. A childhood acquaintance. They all ask themselves why Jeremy did what he did, trying to solve a puzzle no one really wants to solve, one Jeremy himself might not even have the answer to.

Four people forever changed by one suicide.
One man’s journey after death to come to peace.

Bonus Content: This novella also includes six short stories.
Jon’s Cabin
Fly Me Home
The Bench
I Try My Best
A Different Kind of Love Story
Poor Man’s Coat

Content Review

Felo De Se: The suicide of Jeremy Price by Shaun Hupp was not written as horror. According to the author, it is dark fiction. However, the content may be considered horror by many people. This story is about suicide. It is about the precursors and aftermath. It is about death.
This is one of those stories that can only be properly, comprehensively reviewed by giving too much away, and I won’t do that.
But I will do my best.

Felo De Se does have an element of the supernatural in keeping with the theme, however, it is otherwise disturbingly realistic. Brutally realistic.
The author says some of his regular readers refuse to read it.
My advice?
Read it.

This story speaks to those who contemplate suicide, those who have been touched by the suicide of others, even those who don’t like to think about it at all. Suicide has many forms and motivations, and this story deals with only one, but the messages are still universal.  It is dark and gut-wrenching and so very well-written. The characters are all too realistic. The situations are realistic. The motivations and actions and thoughts are realistic.

This dark and powerful story will rip at your mind and guts as surely as any horror story.

My utmost respect to Shaun Hupp for his insightful and brilliant handling of this subject.

All I will say about the incredible bonus stories is they are amazingly deep and wrenching tales that are outside of what I generally expect from Shaun Hupp. “Jon’s Cabin” is my personal favorite.

Get it on Amazon:
Felo De Se: The Suicide of Jeremy Price (US Link)
Felo De Se: The Suicide of Jeremy Price (UK Link)


About the Author: Shaun Hupp

Shaun Hupp is a horror author that specializes in short stories that will tug at your heartstrings one moment and the next, shake you to your very core, sending you on an emotional rollercoaster into the darkest corners of your imagination. He loves to make his readers feel safe before jamming a rusty knife into their ribcage. Surprisingly enough, people seem to like it.

Between his wife, three children, dog, and all the characters created in his head, he’s in a losing battle for his sanity and doesn’t mind one bit. Growing up, Shaun was a product of watching too much Twilight Zone, Monsters, and Tales from the Darkside while reading Alvin Schwartz’s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps Series over and over again, sometimes back-to-back. Later in life, he moved on to mainstream horror authors such as Richard Matheson, Stephen King, and Dean Koontz. Everything changed when he found Richard Laymon. Now, as his favorite author, Shaun asks himself whenever he writes WWRLD.

Shaun can usually be found on Facebook @

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